My Top 25 Coasters (2016)

25). The Beast at Kings Island

It’s a great classic wooden coaster with intense laterals and a terrain hugging layout! Only down side is trims killing any airtime.

24). Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm

This is the only invert I think is actually really good. The layout feels like if RMC made an invert. Very twisty, great inversions, and a dash of airtime! The transition coming out of the Zero-g-roll feels very similar to Twisted Colossus’s ending of the Top Gun Stall.

23). Thunderhead at Dollywood

This is the only GCI to make me say “wow” at the end of the ride. It’s incredibly intense with many pops of ejector! Definitely on the rougher side (like a lot worse than Apocalypse), but I think it makes it better!

22). Blue Streak at Cedar Point

This coaster might be higher than it should be, but it holds a special place in my heart. This was my dad’s first ever coaster as he use to grow up in Detroit. I think this ride has some great moments of extremely strong ejector! One train runs smooth while the other is death on wheels though.

21). GateKeeper at Cedar Point

As absolutely forceless as this ride is, (every kiddie coaster I’ve ridden is more intense than it) fits really well at a park with intense and crazy coasters like Dragster and Maverick. GateKeeper is very graceful and gives you nice feeling of flight.

20). Viper (aka V00per) at Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is by far my favorite Arrow coaster! Great inversions and great hangtime! It is a little rough, but if you know how to ride an Arrow Looper, then you’ll be fine!

19). Montezooma’s Revenge at Knott’s Berry Farm

This coaster has one of the great loops built! Very forceful and you get to do all again, BACKWARDS!

18). Wicked Twister at Cedar Point

If you’ve ridden it back row, you should know why this is here! That backwards twist is down right nuts!

17). Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm

The launch and the top hat will take your breath away! But the second half does lack the same intensity as the first and seems put in just to make the ride longer…

16). Mamba at World’s of Fun

Airtime! So much floater airtime!

15). Intimidator at Carowinds

Same reason as Mamba, but better layout and trains!

14). Diamondback at Kings Island

Same reason as Intimadator, but more airtime and water splash down!

13). Fury 325 at Carowinds

Fury, is pretty much if a B&M hyper was built to maintain its speed better.It features 4 moments of airtime (not counting the drop as I got literally nothing). The treble clef has some weak ejector same with the 3 traditional airtime hills. The trimmed hill might be floater depending on how hard it gets trimmed.

12). Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain

I love the mobius loop design where you get double rides pretty much. The airtime on the ride is weak ejector similar to Fury 325. The dueling aspect though is what makes it better than Fury for me!

11). Ghost Rider

I find this coaster to be the wooden version of Fury 325 except a lot more intense! The laterals and airtime are much stronger!

10). Timber Wolf at World’s of Fun

This coaster gets a lot of hate for being rough…and it’s extremely rough! But not painful! It can still be enjoyed! The ejector on it is really good and has the strongest laterals I’ve experienced.

9). Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point

The launch is like Xcelerator’s but seems to last nearly double the length! The twist coming down, has you out of your seat with some crazy ejector!

8). Maverick at Cedar Point

It took me 5 years of going to this park to finally start to like Maverick! This ride has a crazy drop and some of the strongest ejector I’ve experienced!

7). Manta at Seaworld San Diego

As weird as it sounds, I prefer Manta over Maverick! I love the theming on this ride plus the different varieties of airtime! First half is strong floater and the second half is strong ejector!

6). Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Two awesome moments of hangtime and one strong pop of ejector! Quick ride, but packs a whole lot in!

5). Mystery Mine at Dollywood

This coaster has some amazing theming and sfx! It also has two insane drops and a hangtime moment!

4). The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This RMC creation has some mild ejector similar to Timber Wolf and has 3 great moments of hangtime! This coaster is pretty relentless!

3). Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This ride has everything! Ejector, hangtime and high positive g’s! The most intense non-4D  I’ve ridden!

2). EL Loco at the Adventuredome

This coaster has my all time favorite drop, features some really cool elements, and the best hangtime moment I’ve experienced!

1). Lightning Rod at Dollywood

Not only is it my favorite woodie, it’s my favorite coaster of all time! Starting with a 45 mph launch right into a pop of strong ejector, you enter a relentless terrain hugging coaster where your ass is out of the seat more than in it! Every element has strong ejector! Even the wave turn and the outward overbank! Your thighs will have bruises after you’re done riding!

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