Battle for Metropolis Construction Update 1/8/17

Starting off the update with Riddler’s dive loop! The bottom of it has new paint on it! It looks as if they are testing what color to use.

They removed some trees and bushes from this part of the exit of Riddler. Yo ucan now see the loop in all of it’s glory!

The fence where the entrance to Freefall was has been removed.

The whole area around Freefall’s entrance is closed off.

Inside that closed area was a pill of dirt.

The entrance sign for Freefall is still standing.

The rock climbing wall closed and some of the fencing around the attraction has been removed.

As for the ride itself, the entire concrete base is done!

A lot of supports are on site!

Steel in all shapes and sizes!

There’s the best view I can get of the construction site as a whole. The trees and bushes have grown more since the last update and have blocked the views of it.

That concludes this update! Thanks for reading!

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