Why Closing Tower of Terror Was One of Disney’s Biggest Mistakes!

As we all know by now, Disney has closed the California version of Tower of Terror so it can be rethemed to Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. There are four Disney Tower of Terror rides worldwide. The Florida one (which was first), the California and Paris one (they are clones), and the Japan one which is the only one to not have the Twilight Zone theme. Now only three remain.


There are many issues with closing such a beloved ride. It makes little sense when you take into account that Tower of Terror (ToT) was one of the most popular attractions in the park. Though I couldn’t find the stats for ToT’s attendance, I can assure you it was one of the most popular. Probably tied with Soarin. It’s really a slap in the face to park guests. People should be the overall determining factor of if a ride is successful or a flop. If a ride consistently has a line, that should show the park that people really enjoy it and is clearly a crowd-pleaser. Tower of Terror always had a line. People loved it and showed the park that they loved it by riding it. Disney clearly doesn’t care about what their guests enjoy. And this is not the whole Colossus situation that happened at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Everyone loved Colossus, but nobody rode it, while with ToT, a lot of people were riding it! Park guests have a reason to complain!


I swear that everything Disney has tried to refurbish or redo has been a massive fail. Star Tours getting a new film and a 3D upgrade ruined the ride. I mean completely ruined. It’s awful. No story, just random action. Not to mention it’s half the duration it use to be.

Another ride that got ruined was Big Thunder Mountain. This might be more from a Coaster Enthusiasts point of view, but ripping up the old Arrow track and replacing it with Dynamic Attractions track completely destroyed the experience. The whole point was riding an out of control coaster and that’s what Arrow achieved. Dynamic Attractions made a clone of the ride, but without the heart and soul of the original.

Soarin Over the World…don’t even get me started. It’s awful. It just feels like clips put together in Movie Maker with poorly done, totally unnecessary CGI added to it. With those I just mentioned, why should I trust Disney to make ToT better?


They’re also retheming it Guardians of the Galaxy, because the new movie comes out 5/5/17. ToT will reopen as Mission Breakout around that time. They are only doing this to get people who are hyped about the movie to come to the park. So once the hype dies, what will happen to the ride? Will people no longer be inclined to ride it? That will have to wait and see.


With my experience with them ruining beloved rides, I’m gonna predict it’s gonna be a half-assed ride. I bet it will make no sense, have a lame story, and have a much shorter ride. I really hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it knowing Disney. Disney doesn’t care about their rides, they just want to slap an appealing title on it to get people in. That’s really what is wrong with their parks and is the reason I didn’t return for about four years. I have no plan on heading back to California Adventure anytime soon.

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