Battle for Metropolis Construction Update 2/4/17

Starting off the update by coming from the Twisted Colossus side of the park. First thing you see is this huge fence that makes the walk way very tight. Then you’ll see this grey building in the back.

Along the fence are signs like this.

I took this photo where a planter use to be. It’s been removed and has been paved over. The building is standing! All of the steel structure is up!

The gas station at Riddler’s exit is gone.

This will be where the entrance to the ride will be. It will most likely look exactly the same as the other four operating ones.

It’s no longer just a steel structure! About 75% of the building is no longer see through.

Waterfront is all torn up and ready for a refurbishment.

Lots of trees have been cut down in the area. Also Gold Rusher will remain open during construction.

Here’s the backside of the building! You can see through the open section that the left side of the building is not filled in yet.

The roof for Battle for Metropolis is not filled in as well.

As for Riddler, not much. No signs of new paint yet.

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