Tatsu’s Chain Broke

Most of you were convinced that Tatsu was closed for a repaint… that is no the reason. The chain for the chain lift broke.

When walking up the pathway to Ninja and Superman, you can definitely that there’s work being done. The evac platform is raised to this spot on the lift hill.

This is the spot up close. Some kind of clamp is in the trough from the chain. This is probably where the chain broke. Probably caused a bit of damage.

Notice anything missing?

The actual tire part of the drive tires has been removed leading up to the lift.

No Chain!

One of the trains is still in the station in the flying position.

I’m not a big expert on B&M coasters, but I think these were used as a padding inside the trough.

That missing piece I was talking about earlier are under these two tarps. Luckily I have pictures from last week that I got with phone without the tarp.

Motor #1 which was located at the bottom of the lift.

Motor #2 which is located at the top.

Under the storage track is the old chain and other pieces that will be scrapped.

So sadly Tatsu will be closed for awhile. It should reopen in March or April. It shouldn’t take as long to get the chain as B&M is still in business and has chains ready for shipping. Goliath and X2 took so long because SFMM had to manually make the chain as Arrow and Giovanola are out of business. As for a repaint, don’t expect it. If it does happen it will probably be the supports only as the rails and cross ties have a different color from the spine and would be difficult to do.

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