SFMM Trip Report 3/18/17

When I arrived at the park, the line to get into the parking lot was backed up all the way to the end of X2. Luckily I was getting dropped off, so I got to bypass all of that. The security line was pretty short and the gold pass entry line was not too bad either.

First up was The New Revolution: Galactic Attack VR! The line was short because it was early entry, but the ride didn’t open for another 20 mins.

The VR worked really well! It ran smoothly! But what didn’t run smoothly was operations. The trains were dispatching quicker than before, but because of the new way the headsets operated, only 50%-75% of the trains were being filled. I’ll try to describe the new system.

The headsets now connect to unit on the train through Bluetooth instead of QR codes now. Sounds better right? Not quite. Set up is easier, because it just connects as soon as you sit down, so you no longer have to stare at a black screen until it finds the QR code. But the QR codes told the computer which seat you were sitting in and the bluetooth just knows you’re on the train and not a specific seat. So the way they combat ruins capacity. So there are three zones on the train. Front (rows 1 & 2), Middle (rows 3-6), and Rear (rows 7-10). Front is the red zone, Middle is the green zone, and Rear is the blue zone. If you are assigned to the Front section, you must have a headset with a red sticker on it. If you sit in Middle, you need a green sticker and if you sit Rear, you need a blue sticker. If that wasn’t enough, there’s special headsets for each side of the train. If you have a circle shaped sticker, you sit on the right, but you have a star shaped sticker, you sit on the left. So if you are handed a Red Star headset, you must sit in row 1 or 2 and sit on the left seat. So what happens is that they don’t have enough headsets for each color and shape so they can’t filled those rows even if they have more headsets of different colors ready.

Next, I went up to Tatsu which had reopened last Sunday. It was a walk on. Nothing much on the ride has changed other than the cat walks leading to the lift have been painted black.

I headed over to the Screampunk District to do Twisted Colossus. The park has power washed the old clock and spiral painted on the ground. It was looking really faded and needed to be repainted. Hopefully next weekend it will be finished.

Next up was Twisted Colossus! The line was 5 mins long. I rode in row 11 which is my favorite RMC seat! It was running average. Not fast nor slow. I raced once of the two times around. Still a very fun ride, but it’s definitely showing signs of getting rough.

I finished my day with Scream which was running awful. Extremely rattly and rough. No headbanging, but it does give me a headache from the cars shuffling back and forth for the entire ride.

The line to get into the park was still massive at 12:35!

So many people tried to do valet parking to avoid the parking lot lines this morning that they had to start parking cars in the drop off area!

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