Shore Break Construction Update 4/15/17 (Plus Sol Spin Test Run!)

Starting off this update with the structure itself! It appears to be almost done! Both the tube slides and body slides are almost complete.

Here’s the tangled mess of the four body slides! If it’s anything like Carowinds new slides from 2016, it will kick butt!

Two of the four drop boxes are in!

Here’s the underside view of the installed drop boxes!

Here’s the majority of the completed pieces. You can also see some rebar and a footer with no support yet.

There’s quite a few vehicles next to the slides. A crane, a bunch of cherry pickers, a fork lift, and an excavator. You can also see some supports and slides parts sitting in the dirt.

In the parking lot are a bunch of pieces for the slides. Here’s the beginning of the two tube slides.

These are the covers for the drop boxes. When maintenance needs to work on the trap door, they just open this cover and it exposes the mechanical parts.

Blue drop box!

Orange drop box!


There’s still a lot of parts out in the parking lot.

This is one of the tube slides.

More tube slide parts.

Even more tube slide parts!

More body slide parts!

“All Good – Frank”

Seal of quality!

Here’s some parts for the runoff (splash down)! These are for the body slides only as the tube slides land in a pool.

More runoff. There’s also the pieces for when the round tube transforms to become the square shaped runoff lane.

To end this update, here’s Sol Spin testing!

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