Six Flags Mexico Trip Report 4/21/17 Part 1

The first day of theme parks in Mexico City started off with Six Flags Mexico! Because we were here for the ACE, we got to enter through the bus parking lot entrance! It’s located under Superman’s MCBR. We also got to enter the park 45 mins early!

While we were waiting to get in, Superman started cycling empty trains!

When we were let in, we were supposed to have 45 min ERT on Medusa Steel Coaster. They weren’t quite ready so we got to do Superman first thing! This ride kicks serious butt! It’s like Mamba at Worlds of Fun on steroids! The first half is nothing like Mamba though. You start off the hills like Mamba but when you reach the top, you curve out of them! The drop is absolutely fantastic in the back! nice floater all the way down!

After two rides on Superman, Medusa opened with 15 mins to spare. But by the time we got through the massive physical length of the queue, we only had five mins left. The queue for Medusa is the biggest I’ve ever seen! You start off in this fun house which takes about a minute to get through. Then you walk down to the first drop, walk next to the final inversion, walk under the first turnaround, circle back around next to the break-run, go around the station, and loop back around into the stair case. On the bright side, it provides great photo ops! When you get underneath the station before looping around to the stairs, that’s where you choose to ride with or without VR. There’s like six extra switchbacks in that line and takes atleast double the length of the non-VR line. But during ERT, it was non-VR only. It is technically no preferred seating, but they will let you pick if you ask them. We asked for row 11. This is the RMC magic seat. We got it! The cars are actually quite different on Medusa then they are on TC and Joker. The box on the back of each car was very different, the padding on the restraints looked like the stuff you see coating older B&M coasters, and the restraints are easy to pull down and push up.

Going into the first drop, you get some awesome hangtime! Then you get thrown into two moments of airtime on the turnaround. Then coming off of the second turn around is the first major ejector moment! Then you go into a standard RMC over bank with a bit of lateral floater. Next is the second inversion which provides slow rolling hangtime like Joker’s final inversion at Discovery Kingdom. Ready for the best part? You have a snappy transition coming out of the Zero G Roll and head into a banked airtime hill with strong ejector! Then you go into a high speed overbank that is low to the ground similar to Joker’s right before the Asian Camel Back. The most disappointing part was the giant airtime after that. I expect Intamin style ejector, but it was more Fury 325 style ejector. Like just barely ejector. To finish off the ride is the Inline Twist! You blast through and get hangtime at the same time! When we got off the ride, we were given flash passes by ACE! The work differently here. They are punch cards instead of Qbots. The only major coaster they didn’t work on was Medusa 😦 Neither with or without VR. To take advantage of the short wait times, we rode it again.

After getting off Medusa a second time, we went to Tsunami, the park’s Zierer Tivoli. Of course we had to be credit whores ;). It’s the same exact ride as Cobra at Discovery Kingdom. I rode in the back and you get some pretty hard laterals in the back. It was really well themed and thought it worked great in the park!

Oh boy… next was Boomerang. Not just any Vekoma Boomerang though…The first ever Boomerang. It’s so old, that Vekoma never even installed an unlocking mechanism on it, so the ride ops have to manually unlock them. I’ve never seen a Boomerang like that. Was it rough? Yeah, extremely rough. I rode very front so it may have been worse to sit there. I did notice that this one had an indent for your head which actually helped quite a bit.

I do expect Universal and Disney have most rides exit in the gift shop, but not Six Flags. Literally every ride does. Boomerang is somewhat of an exception, but not in the way you think. It doesn’t exit into a gift shop. It’s exit is a restaurant?! Like the exit goes completely out of the way to get to it. It could just let us out underneath the cobra roll, but instead it goes over this giant hill and then down into the side of the restaurant. Weird.

You know what’s even weirder? You have to go through a gift shop to get to this side of the park?!?!? That is the weirdest design I’ve ever seen.

Next we did Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! The wait was only five mins and moved very quickly. The ride definitely gives me Transformer: The Ride vibes. The station felt way too big. It was like a giant empty box. The ride itself I couldn’t understand because it was all in Spanish and I speak absolutely no Spanish. Guess it’s good I didn’t understand it, because it will still feel like a new experience when it opens at my home park.

Next up was Batman the Ride! The queue was kinda cool for the ride. There’s a building located between the Roll Over and the Sidewinder inversions and that’s where the queue is located. As for the ride itself, it’s pretty smooth. Yes it’s an SLC, but its one of the newer ones as it was built in 2000 instead of in the mid 90’s. I think it’s great. I’ll take it over the standard B&M Batman clones.

Next was Kilahuea, the park’s S&S drop tower! This was my first combo tower that I’ve ridden. What’s interesting is that it launches while your feet are still touching the ground. Most S&S towers lift you 5′ off the ground before launching, but not Kilahuea. You get some mild floater at the top of the tower, then the rest of the ride is pretty forceless like Cedar Point’s Power Tower. Fun, but it’s no Space Shot. It does have the best color scheme for any drop tower I’ve seen though!

Next was the Joker. The wait was pretty long, but we used Flash Pass on it so we walked right on! The fun house before the ride kicks butt. It’s definitely something that can’t be done at a US theme park, because someone could easily get hurt in it. I mean as long you’re careful, you won’t, but in Mexico, people act better and won’t sue over stupid things. As for the ride itself, we balanced it perfectly. We got a crazy spin for the first 2/3 of the ride then we got stopped at the final MCBR which killed our momentum. Oh well, still a very fun and really well themed ride!

That concludes part 1! Make sure to view part 2 when it’s up as we cover some of their other awesome rides and see a ride almost catch fire!

One thought on “Six Flags Mexico Trip Report 4/21/17 Part 1

  1. I saw you post about this TR on your Instagram, and I have to say, I came in with very low expectations but I was blown away!! Great details and photos!! You defenitly have a new follower!! 🙂


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