Six Flags Mexico Trip Report 4/21/17 Part 2

Leaving off from last time, I just got off Joker, the park’s Gerstlauer spinner. It was was nearly 1 pm which means it was time for our group lunch!

It was typical Six Flags food. Burgers. They were good, just nothing special. The soda was some Mexican brand which was actually pretty good. It also came with chips and Mexican style chocolate bar. I was beginning to feel sick, so I couldn’t eat them.

To give the park thanks, we gave them a plaque.

I think he liked it.

Here’s the group photo we took. Of course I’m in the very back and can’t be seen.

Photo Credit: ACE

I did my fare share of research of this park before I went so I’d know what to expect (I was the only one in group I hung out with that knew the park layout). I knew this ride was not like most Shoot the Chutes rides in that you actually get drenched. Most of them have the water spray out to the sides and get bystanders wet. Not only does this ride get bystanders well, it drenches the entire boat! So here’s the before…

Photo Credit : Scott

And the after photo.

Photo Credit: Scott

A coaster themed to one of my all time favorite movies?!?! Umm yes please! And it’s available with Flash Pass!

While in the Flash Pass line, we saw the ferris wheel next door almost catch fire. It might be a Six Flags, but there are somethings that still remind you that you are still in Mexico. You could smell the burning rubber.

As for the Dark Knight Coaster, it was amazing! Smoothest Wild Mouse I’ve ridden! It’s so well themed too! Only complaint is that the pre show takes so long that they start dispatching empty cars because they already got through the group before us. Kinda kills capacity.

What? You thought we were done whoring around? Once a credit whore, always a credit whore. Had to get the last kiddie coaster! It’s a standard Vekoma Roller Skater model. You might know it as Gadgets Go Coaster or Road Runner Express (SFMM). It’s a clone of those and it runs really well. Not a single bump or rattle!

Next, we did…this thing. It’s basically a Top Spin that was built by Vekoma. Last of kind in the entire world! But what makes this one different is that the arms spin opposite directions. It’s very intense and a bit uncomfortable. It pulls you upside down at the bottom which gives you airtime while you’re upside down. Not hangtime, airtime.

Then it was time to brave the Medusa line again!

We were walking through the queue when we saw this little guy climbing the Medusa structure eating a nut.

Here’s VR on an RMC. Okay coaster community, get triggered.

Those people I just showed on the ride had to wait 200 mins!!! Well over three hours!?!?!

Half of our group wanted to do Superman, the others didn’t learn from riding Splash and wanted to go ride the park’s rapid ride.

Only if they knew they were about to get peed and spit on by these kids.

The Mardi Gras Festival was in full swing! It was a cool event! Other Six Flags needs this!

A friend of mine arrived at the park around this time. He actually wasn’t on the ACE tour, but happened to plan his trip the same exact time as ACE. You might know him as Coaster Core on Instagram. He helped us get the weight distribution just right on Joker to get a good spin!

After that, we did the Dark Knight again before going and watching the Mardi Gras Parade!

After the parade, we ran to Medusa to beat the crowds! Short wait! On my last ride, I got front row! I used the beads I got from the Mardi Gras Parade. Even though the ride was using a mix nylon and steel wheels to slow the ride down for VR, it still had some great airtime! Those beads were flying the entire ride. I expected them to fly off, but they didn’t. At the end of the ride, the beads were stuck on my ear.

After my last ride on Medusa, it was time for one more ride on Superman!

Then we finished up the night with Battle for Metropolis which had no wait!

Overall, it was an amazing day at Six Flags Mexico! Definitely has two top 20 worthy coasters and it’s just a really well themed park! I recommend you check out this park! You won’t regret it!

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