La Feria Chapultepec Mágico Trip Report 4/22/17

We arrived at La Feria around 8:30 am. When we got there, tons of people were already waiting outside for the park to open.

We waited for them to open the gate to get to the main entrance. The actual entrance is behind Quimera.

When entering the park, we noticed a full train of people on Montaña Rusa which was weird because we were the first ones in the park. I guess the employees get to ride before work starts?

We went through the exit at first to go see the ACE landmark dedication of this ride.

Here’s the plaque for it! It’s now officially an ACE landmark!

Here’s the full ceremony if you want to see it. Not the highest quality video, but it will have to do.

Some of the park’s maintenance guys were standing on the track as we were headed for the ride’s entrance.

Montaña Rusa is an NAD coaster. The manufacturer went on to become IAD. IAD are the ones responsible for the original Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This ride was the inspiration for it! One thing that really separates Montaña Rusa from Colossus is the way it runs. It still uses the original trains. The first set of trains on Colossus were scrapped within the first few years, but Montaña still has them! These trains are much heavier than the Morgan trains Colossus used for most it’s life. Because of their weight, they haul butt! It honestly reminds me of the old Ghost Rider how you’d be practically standing up from the airtime! There’s strong airtime all over this ride. Just know that there’s only good airtime in the back and front cars and you must ride on a non-wheel seat. The coaster will beat you up if you don’t. On a non-wheel seat, the ride is just as smooth as Colossus was. Glass smooth! Overall though, this ride really hits a soft spot for me. You may know that I once marathoned Colossus for 15 hours straight (140 rides in a day). Colossus was always one of my favorites (which is probably why I have a love/hate relationship with Twisted Colossus). Ride Montaña Rusa was a dream come true. It’s like riding Colossus the way it was supposed to run back in it’s early days!

After ERT was over, we headed to Quimera (the only coaster not available for front of the line), but it was having a rough start in the morning and wouldn’t open till 11. So we went next door to ride Montezooma’s Reven…I mean Cascabel 2.0! This coaster is one of the rare Schwarzkopf shuttle loops. It was quite as well maintained as Montezooma as it had a bit of a rattle and a much slower acceleration on the launch. Also one thing that gets on my nerves is that it’s trimmed when it goes through the station backwards causing you to not go up the spike very high. It does still have the little bump on the backwards spike that gives you airtime in the second to last row! I forgot, there’s a second thing that gets on my nerves…operations are worst than VR on Revolution. I’ll happily take the 10 min dispatches of TNR over Cascabel’s 20 min dispatches! My theory is that the launch takes up a lot of energy and to save money on electricity, they don’t run it very often.

Then we went to the other side of the park where Raton Loco is. This is one of the most intense spinners out there. I did actually find the non-spinning portion to be more intense as the turns (Right angles as we referred to them as) were quite tight. The spinning distracts from it. I got to ride with Tim Baldwin. He didn’t want to spin fast so we organized the car to be more balanced. I’m glad I didn’t get a fast spin, because one of the guys in our group actually dislocated his wrist on it. The spinning can get so intense that the ride ops always ask if you’re ok when you step out.

Next to Raton Loco is the park’s haunted house! I’ve heard amazing things about it! It wasn’t super scary, but it was similar to the old House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was extremely long and and was two stories. The effects were pretty high budget and I’m definitely jealous. Now I can’t wait for Halloween time to come around again!

Quimera opened and it was time to try this crazy contraption out! It was one train operations, but the line moved incredibly fast! The queue was over half full and we got on in 30 mins. Before I go over the ride experience, I wanted to mention something weird the park does. They don’t let you take pictures or videos while in the queue. All the ACErs had their cameras and phones out in line and they made us all put it away. It’s probably because the loops sway a lot and it looks really sketchy to most people. But if it doesn’t bend, it’s gonna break!

The ride experience I’ll keep brief as I plan to do a full review on my site of the coaster in the future. It’s just intense. It’s got strong ejector, it’s got strong laterals, and it’s got strong positives! You hold 4.7 g’s through the double and it feels like it’s never gonna give up! It’s easily my #1 steel coaster!

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Next we had lunch at one of the stands! These tacos were out of this world! You’d think for park food, it would be average, but no, it was some of the best tacos I’ve ever had!

After lunch, we got another ride on Montaña Rusa! This time, I rode in row two. I prefer the front car to back car for sure!

To finish out our time at La Feria, we rode Quimera two more times. After those two rides, my back was completely messed up. Like no joke, I have to go to the chiropractor because I can’t stand straight and have pain in my back! That’s how intense the forces are on Quimera!

Overall though, this park was great! Some of the park felt carnival like and other parts felt really well done! There was a ton of live shows. All over the midways, there would be performances! Definitely would put this park on your bucket list if I were you!

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