Justice League: Battle For Metropolis Construction Update 5/13/17

Starting this update off by DC Universe where you can see that Riddler’s loop has yellow primer on it…

There seems to be some yellow primer at the top of the lift as well.

The track section behind it has begun to be repainted lime green.

Here’s a painter putting on the yellow primer on the lift supports. Note that the primer isn’t final color.

There’s a lot of yellow on that loop though.

The ladder connected to the back of the loop has all been painted yellow and some of the track connections.

The finished the relocation of Tidal Wave’s entrance. No sign yet, just a pathway.

JB’s BBQ is covered in scaffolding as it’s about to be transformed into the ACE O’ CLUBS.

This is how the rest of the ride will look! I personally really like it! The more vivid color is what the final paint job will look like!

New vs. Old

Here’s an overview of where the majority of the new paint is.

As for Battle for Metropolis, no facade yet.

Some rebar has gone in for the ramp up to the Hall of Justice.

I noticed these weird precasted concrete blocks. Not sure what they’re for…

The new Waterfront area has reopened. Same food, but the places don’t have names…yet. Some people were saying that they looked very generic like an RCT restaurant. On the map, they have Metropolis themed names, so I would assume they’ll get more theming and such when the ride opens.

Gold Rusher also got a new paint job for it’s station! Love the colors!

The construction wall picks up again after Gold Rusher and goes all the way down to Dive Devil.

More paint on Riddler’s turn around into the Mid-course.

And into the final brake run.

You can see from Apocalypse, how much yellow there is on Riddler’s loop.

Over by Batman, you can see the turn around before the final corkscrew.

When I got over to Batman, there were painters up on the loop.

That brush looks green to me!

After getting off Batman, they made some good progress! It definitely looks like the loop will stay green!

They probably were testing out the yellow on Riddler’s loop like they did with the blue on Rev’s loop last year.

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