Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

Walking up to the park, you could already tell it was gonna be crowded day. At 10:10 (just ten minutes after opening) the line to get into the park was all the way behind Independence Hall. The park did receive new metal detectors just like all the Cedar Fair parks did.

There was no screwing around when we got in. Found a lounge chair to put our stuff on and went to the new Shore Break slides. The line was already long for them. We waited about 15 mins for the body slides. The operations were awful on it. It seemed like 3-5 mins between dispatches. The first one I tried was the blue Aquadrop slide. It was one of the slowest speed slides I’ve ever experienced. There were no notable forces like you’d feel on a Proslide. I didn’t even make it to the run off. I got stopped while still inside the enclosed section. I mean it’s still fun, just not as good as I hoped.

Next we did one of the tube slides on that tower. We went in a double tube to try to go faster. We didn’t really have much of a choice at the top. I wanted the slide with the double down instead of the straight drop, but we just took whichever slide was open. It was fun, but was too short for a tube slide. Wish they had a constrictor slide on this tower like Carowinds new structure from last year.

After a quick trip in the lazy river, I decided to take a look at some of the park upgrades. Here’s one of the restaurants that got an upgrade. There’s no branding on it what-so-ever so I have no clue what they serve. Hopefully they’ll put some branding on it.

The tables for the restaurant got some shade covers. Sorry for the bad photo, people would look at me weird if they saw me take a photo of people in bathing suits eating.

They repainted two of the three older towers in the park. The only one that didn’t get painted was the mat racer.

I wanted to try the new family slide just to have an opinion on it, but my opinion was worth the wait.

That line was probably an hour and a half long!!! They probably should of kept their Tornado, because these family slides have low capacity due to their long duration.

You gotta love that they didn’t even install an actual fence here so they just put the temporary ones here. Doubt they’ll install a real one anytime soon.

So I decided to ride the new slides again. This time I tried the yellow Aquadrop slide. This one was much faster! This one was quite a bit better. It’s still no Proslide Dropbox, but it’s still really fun. The slide did some weird things that I’ve never noticed the Proslide models do, but I guess the White Water versions do. Sometimes they just don’t launch. They launch all four together, but a couple times, one or two slide just wouldn’t drop. Also something odd is that there is no entrance sign or anything.

The line got pretty long for the Aquadrop slides. Probably 45-60 mins.

Twisted mess of fiberglass and steel!

Here’s a #nerdshot to finish off this update!

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