INDEPTH REVIEW: Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Superman El Ultimo Escape is a Chance Morgan Hyper Coaster located in Mexico City, Mexico at Six Flags Mexico. This coaster got delayed by nearly three years by the Mexican Government. It opened in late fall of 2004.

Superman El Ultimo Escape starts off with a small dip off the side of the hill and goes right into a small airtime hill that provides a quick pop of strong floater. The ride makes a U-turn, then heads upwards towards the first set of brakes. If you sit in the front car, you will get a pop of strong floater here. After coming to a halt at the brakes, you slowly turn 90 degrees left to reach the lift hill. The lift is quite long and takes up nearly all of the park’s North border.

The drop is quite impressive. It’s really not that steep, but it’s shape makes up for it. Unlike Goliath (SFMM) where the drop stays at flat 61 degrees for most of the way down, this starts with probably a 15 degree incline for the first part of the drop, then starts diving down at 60 degrees. In the back car, you get some nice floater all the way down!

At the bottom of the drop, you enter a tunnel and bank to right.

Next, you shoot up this massive airtime hill! In the front car, you get some amazing strong sustained floater!

After that, you get pinned to your seat with this high speed, 360 degree turn! I grayed out around this turn pretty hard!

The next element is this hill right here. In the front, you get strong ejector going over this hill. It’s like the kind of airtime Twisted Colossus and Joker (SFDK) wished they had! Coming out the hill is a 270 degree turn. This turn felt like Magnum XL-200. It had two jerky transitions on it. That turn leads into the mid-course brake run. This brake run could be the best thing for the ride and worst. It usually doesn’t trim it at all and you blast through the rest of the course or it pulls a Goliath (SFMM) and stops you completely.

The second half starts off with two back to back floater hills! If you love the ending of Mamba at World’s of Fun, you love these hills as well! Pure, strong floater! Then you reach the finale which is a slightly banked turn around into the station that ends with a small pop of floater!

As for the layout of the ride, that just about covers it! But there is more to the coaster than just the ride experience.

The theming on this coaster is amazing! This is the first part of the queue! It actually makes you stop and think, “Since when has Disney had the rights to DC superheroes”. The exit and photo booth is themed to the Fortress of Solitude!


This coaster is one of my all time favorites! Just this coaster alone is worth the trip to Six Flags Mexico! Superman is an airtime machine! Tons of floater and one really good moment of ejector! The pre-lift is one of the best out there. Just everything about this coaster is awesome. Superman even runs three trains! Not often that you see three train operations on a Six Flags coaster! Dispatches were incredibly quick at about 45 seconds per dispatch! The ride ops here are like Discovery Kingdom’s and do their jobs right! But the downside to the ride ops is that they staple you here…also like Discovery Kingdom. The drop is amazing, the airtime is amazing, the positive g’s are amazing, the queue is amazing, the operations were amazing, amazingly smooth, and the overall look of the ride is amazing! Overall, this ride is what Fury 325 wishes it was! For me, it blows Fury out of the water! Superman is also by far the best Hyper Coaster I’ve ridden! And compared to the other Morgan Hyper I’ve ridden, which is Mamba, it utterly destroys it! And unlike Mamba, the ride has an unlocking mechanism!



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