RMC Hurler Construction Update 6/9/17

To get the best views of constructions, we going skywards nearly 300′!

Here’s the first view you’ll see of Hurler. Something isn’t right!

You can clearly see that there’s RMC ledgers on the lift…going in a much steeper angle than the original may I add!

After the drop, all the supports on the turn around are gone! I would assume that this means it will be a low to the ground turn like Medusa Steel Coaster has after it’s first drop.

While up there, I noticed three back-to-back hills forming! I would suspect all three to be just airtime hills due to the lack of supports. This hill 2/3 by the way. The first is behind the lift.

Hill 3/3 in a row!

Back on ground level, you can see the first drop of the original Hurler. I’m gonna take a wild guess that this will be a Medusa Steel Coaster/Storm Chaser style drop.

The supports are definitely wide enough to support that style of drop.

Here’s an old airtime hill that’s about to go under the lift and drop.

The bottom of the first drop is gone! RIP this section of track.

Some ledgers coming out of the station that lead to the lift.

Here’s the lift from the old entrance to the ride.

And finally, here’s the first of three airtime hills in a row! And ledgers, proving that at least the first hill is an airtime hill.

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