Busch Gardens Williamsburg Trip Report 6/7/17

After a 45 min Uber ride from Richmond to Williamsburg, we arrived at the park. We got dropped off at the curb infront of the parking lot gates as it wasn’t open for drop off yet.

One of the security guards was nice enough to drive us up to the main gate. So we were first to main gate.

We were first into the park. The gates opened around 9:45, but nothing was open yet, except for Forest of Fun so I got my kiddie coaster credit.

At 10, the right side of the park opened. This was suppose to include Loch Ness, Griffon, and Invadr. So first we rode Invader, which was honestly awful. I know it’s a family coaster, but its so bland and lame. I’ll take Grover’s Alpine Express over it. I really disliked it.

Griffon was suppose to be open, but it was stuck at the top all morning.

Next up was Loch Ness Monster! This is an awesome Arrow classic! It’s not like most Arrow loopers. It’s not as much about inversions. It’s got a great first drop down over the Rhine River! You do a turn-around into the first vertical loop! Next is the unique triple helix inside the tunnel! Then you go into a quick lift hill that leads into a drop into the second loop. This is the only coaster I can think of that ends with a vertical loop!

Next up was Verbolten which was awesome! The indoor section is a bit like Revenge of the Mummy from USH. Then you reach the drop track! This drop is very similar to Tower of Terror’s drops. The second launch was surprisingly pretty forceful! Then you reach the bridge which has you dive off the hillside to ride right above the Rhine River! Awesome coaster! Definitely something the west coast needs!

Next, we rode Mäch Tower! This was an awesome drop tower! I don not understand the hate for it. The drop was better than the other gyro drops I’ve ridden. Restraints were not the most comfortable, but they weren’t bad.

Then, we did DarKastle which is a Transformer or Justice League style dark ride. I didn’t really understand the story, but I think there was a pre-show we were suppose to watch to explain everything. We just walked through to the station. The video quality wasn’t great, but it was good. The seats motion was utilized as well as Transformers or Justice League. It’s a fun ride, but nothing spectacular.

Then, we made our way over to Alpengeist. Overall, it’s a fun invert. I’m not a fan of B&M inverts with the exception of Silver Bullet and Flight Deck. This was close to Flight Deck, but nowhere near as snappy or as smooth. Aplie had quite the rattle. Almost Scream bad. It’s tolerable, but annoying and may leave you with a headache.

We headed over to the Italia section of the park. First up over there was Tempesto. I have to say. I love Superman Ultimate Flight at Discovery Kingdom a lot! Like, it’s my #5. But Tempesto is not that fun. The stupid “comfort collars” are one of may reasons of why this     ride would be lucky to even be in my top 50! There’s a complete lack of theming. Superman has a really nice station and has the chaser lights in the tunnel. Tempesto has a roof… Also, the three car train ruins the forces on the ride. Superman is one of the most intense rides I’ve ridden, but this was nowhere near as crazy. Getting in and out of the ride is extremely difficult. The lapbars don’t rise as high as Full Throttle’s or Superman’s so it’s near impossible to get in. Plus the “comfort collars” get in the way as well. Almost got a leg cramp getting out of this thing.

Then, we went to Apollo’s Chariot! We waited for the back! This ride was amazing! That drop in the back was awesome. The first two hills don’t provide the same style airtime as the newer B&M hypers, but rather give a pop of floater. The helix was pretty good, but wasn’t on par with Superman El Ultimo Escape’s. The second half of the ride kicked butt! Airtime everywhere!

I forgot to take a picture, but next we rode Escape from Pompeii which was a typical Intamin water ride. Basically Tidal Wave from SFMM or Splash from SFM, but with a dark ride section. You get somewhat wet. Not too much though in the front middle.

Guess what finally opened? Griffon!

We headed over to the France side of the park, but on the way there, we stopped at Le Scoot to check that out. It’s the park’s log flume. The layout very similar to Jet Stream at SFMM. There’s a bit of theming at the end of the ride, but most of it is pretty bland.

Finally, we made it to Griffon! We tried it back row first time around. We sat in between the middle and right end. That first drop provides some great airtime! Better than I had hoped! The g’s at the bottom pin you to your seat pretty hard. The second drop is also extremely awesome! The second inversion is not quite as good as the first, but still provides a great experience. You go into a small airtime hill before hitting the water. After the splashdown, you catch one more airtime moment before entering the brakes.

After eating lunch at the nearby fry stand (I had Poutine and it was amazing!), We tried Griffon front row, far right seat. The front provides better hangtime on the drop, but the back provides the better overall experience.

On the way back to the other side of the park, we hit Alpengeist again.

Then, we rode Verbolten a couple times to get our onride video right!

We wanted to try DaVinci’s Cradle as we’ve never tried that style of flat ride before.

We rode Apollo’s Chariot a bunch of times, then I did Tempesto once.

Next, we ate lunch at Marco Pollo’s. Here, they had a bunch of food including Mediterranean, Italian, and Asian. I got beef from the Mediterranean section and Edgardo got Eggplant Parmesan from the Italian section.

While we ate, we got to see a show. The seating are for the restaurant was the same seating for show viewing!

We finished the day by riding every big coaster in the park except Tempesto, Invadr, and Loch Ness once more. We got end the night with two rides on Apollo’s Chariot!

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