Kings Dominion Trip Report 6/8/17

We arrived at Kings Dominion about an hour early. The park opened their gates 30 mins early. When we walked in, Snoopy was orchestrating some music in front of the fountains and Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower was open 30 mins early, so we went up there for about 15 mins and took some pictures!

Dominator was open early as well, so we rode that. It’s a fun floorless coaster. Dominator is a bit rough, but not as bad as Scream. The bottom of the first drop was the only bad part. The layout is pretty unique as it’s not all inversions. I love the back-to-back overbanks!

Next up was Volcano: The Blast Coaster. This was an interesting ride. Never experienced anything like it. It’s not like a B&M invert at all. It has two decently forceful launches. It’s got the Sidewinder inversion out of the Volcano which is really cool! Then it just does these inline twists that provide some great hangtime!

Since Avalanche was right next door, we tried that out. It’s fun, but I do prefer the Intamin single car bobsleds like Disaster Transport. I also found this version to be a bit rough. Still fun and brings back memories of Disaster Transport.

Then, we did Flight of Fear. Oh boy. The KI version was awful. In fact, the KI one is my least favorite steel coaster (that is still operating). KD’s was better, but not good. The entire ride was pretty rough and the shinguards were absolutely awful. I only rode this for the credit and will probably not ride it again.

Now we finally get to the park’s star attraction! Intimidator 305! What an amazing coaster! Easily the best Giga Coaster in the US and easily my #3! The drop, unlike the other US Gigas, was actually good. It provided weak to mild ejector all the way down! The other Gigas provide no airtime on the drops. Then you hit the first turn. That is the first time I’ve ever gotten tunnel vision on a ride. You literally see your vision closing in on itself. Right before you fully gray out, you hit the first ejector hill which reverses the effects of the first turn. This hill pretty strong ejector. Not Lightning Rod or Maverick strong, but strong. Then you go into a little airtime hill for a pop of air before you start turning low to the ground. Then you hit the twists. These twists are unbelievable. They whip you so hard and it’s amazing! The only reason this ride isn’t my #2 is because of the trimmed hill. That ruined the second half. The two airtime hills are mild floater. It should have no trim! In terms of intensity of this ride. It’s about as intense as a Sky Rocket ll…A good SRll may I add (not Tempesto). Quimera at La Feria makes I305 look like a kiddie coaster in comparison in terms of intensity. But overall, still a very intense ride!

Then we did Anaconda, which was really awesome! Very unique layout. Personally prefer this over Loch Ness and Vortex (KI).

After that, we did Backlot Stunt Coaster. While not as intense as KI’s, it still was pretty cool. This coaster is pretty much the closest thing Premier has built to a wild mouse.

Assuming it was Coast Rider and would get a huge line, we headed to Ricochet next. This ran a lot better than Coast Rider, but didn’t look as nice as it was crammed in a corner.

I finally got Edgardo on his first Windseeker. This was my 6th Windseeker! I love these rides! Edgardo had a completely different opinion though.

The longest wait of the day was for Rebel Yell as it was just one side with one train. I have the same opinion of this ride as I do with KI’s Racer. I don’t like it. It doesn’t really do anything. It’s pretty bland and a bit rough.

Next up was Grizzly! This was a fun ride. Nothing special, but it was just fun. Rough, but good rough!

After Grizzly, we went next door to try Dinosaurs Alive. It was kinda cool, but most sensors to set off the animatronics were broken and/or made a high pitch squeak.

After seeing some dinos, we rode Drop Tower. It might be taller than KI’s, but I miss the spinning going up. And I’m also a bit spoiled by Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, so that one is my standard for most drop towers…which is honestly setting the bar too high.

After getting lunch at the Hungry Hippo, we rode I305 a couple times!

Then we rode Volcano again which was awesome!

On the way to go get our kiddie coaster credit, we rode Boo Blasters. I was surprised to find out it was completely different from KI’s. I think KI’s is an omnimover (or atleast similar) and this was a 4 person tracked ride. One thing that was really cringy about the old ride is that you can hold the trigger on the guns down and fire unlimited amount of time and hit every target with ease. Edgardo still beat me 😦

After Boo Blasters, we went credit whorin’ on Woodstock Express. This ride was fun. Nothing amazing, but for a kiddie coaster, it was fun. And I will say, it was better than Invadr.

Then we did Dominator again, but this time in the front. It’s a bit rough in the front, but still quite fun!

Edgardo has an addiction to Volcano, so we rode it again!

Then we rode I305 a bunch of times.

Then more Volcano, lol!

We decided to explore the park a bit. We didn’t even know they had a log ride. This was probably one of my least favorite just because of how gross the water was. It was green, foamy, and smelled terrible. The ride itself was cool though.

We rode the antique cars, ate at the Country Kitchen and took in the sites of Candy Apple Grove!

While I took footage and pictures of RMC Hurler, Edgardo took another ride on Ricochet.

We spent the last hour or so riding Volcano and I305 over and over.

I finished the day with eight rides on I305 in the back car without getting up! I would of done more, but the park closed for the day. Overall, I got about 30 rides on it!

We had a great day at Kings Dominion! We absolutely loved it! We hope to be back next year for Coaster Con!

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