Battle for Metropolis Construction Update 6/30/17

Starting off this update with Metro Park, which is located behind Battle for Metropolis.

The old gazebo is now a bar.

The seating area looks a lot like something you’d see at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Looks really nice!

They had this seating as well, but it looks like it will be extremely hot to sit on during the summer months.

There are previews for pass holders for the Metro Park Pub now till July 11th. I didn’t have time to try it nor am I sure I can get in due to them serving alcohol inside.

The picture is way too dark, but you can see that they are painting the left side of the building a light blue similar to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

The facade is looking good! Still quite a bit of work left though.

The Riddler’s Revenge sign looks really nice and fresh!

Then we have the Ace O’ Clubs which is replacing JB’s BBQ.

Ace looks really good! The building gives off a California Adventure vibe.

Here’s the main sign.

Here’s the smaller sign that faces the main midway.

Here’s the first Metropolis sign.

Another angle

Finally, there’s Tidal Wave’s new entrance!

I do wonder if Tidal’s exit will come back through here or just spill out into Metropolis?

That will conclude this update for Battle for Metropolis and the Metropolis area!

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