Justice League Battle for Metropolis Media Day

We arrived the park just like anyone normally would. We parked in main parking lot. It was a bit awkward carrying all our gear with us from the parking lot, because we stood out like  sore thumb. The check in tent was located next to the drop off/pick up area. We got our lanyards and super hero capes and then were escorted into the park. It was a long walk to Metropolis as the that area was on the other side of the park. When we got to the red carpet, we go our picture taken and headed in. The area was super nice! They had a few bars set up, tables with vases on them, and…

an orchestra!

We saw people heading into the queue for Battle for Metropolis, so we decided to go try it out. They weren’t letting most people in, only Warner Bros. people, but they let us in with them for some reason.

We headed into the first preshow room. On the left is a statue Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

The first preshow features Superman, Batman, The Joker, and Lex Luthor. This first preshow is were you are told the main story. The second preshow is more about how to operate your blaster and what the objective is.

As for the ride itself, it’s quite a bit different from the others. The station faces the other direction and a few scenes are out of the original order. The ending scene on the other versions is the subway scene, but this version, it’s the chase scene through the streets of Metropolis! Which is better ending. The finale is great! But you’ll have to ride it for yourselves!

According to the Simpsons Ride, “all rides must end near the gift shop.” This ride follows that motto. In the middle of the shop are these TVs. The clips seem to be downloaded from Youtube as they literally “subscribe for more” at the end of the clip. It’s pretty much DYI videos on DC Character apparel.

There’s a lot of great DC products crammed into this store! You got Joker and Harley Quinn on these shelves.

Better view of that section.

There’s a POP section.

They sell the blasters from the ride as toys.

Of course, the ride shirt/hat section!

There’ a Harley Quinn statue in the store!

And a Batman statue.

Time for food! These tacos were amazing! The meat was cooked on the grilled for Carlini’s Pizza and Big Belly Burger. It was super good! The salsa was the same one used in Food ETC. The pizza was pretty good as well! It was a meat lover style pizza.

Then I tried these weird (but good weird) nachos. It was pork rinds with nacho cheese, pulled pork, and jalapenos. I loved these!

Then I had this slider. It had like roast beef, onions, and pickles on a sweet roll. Liked it, but I had to pull the pickle off as I’m not a fan of them.

In the Metro Park Pub was Beer Battered Shrimp. This was only disappointing thing I tried. It takes the same as the popcorn shrimp from Food ETC.

The Waterfront area finally got its new names up!

In the Metro Park Pub, they had a preview of the new Dueling Pianos from the Full Throttle Sports Bar.

Then it was time to ride recently repainted Riddler’s Revenge for the first time! It runs glass smooth! We feared it would get rough like Scream (After it got its repaint, it started running like a Togo), but Riddler is exact opposite! Smooth. The way B&Ms are supposed to be!

Then it started to get dark!

Bonnie came up to the podium.

Then John Wood from Sally Corporation came up to talk about the ride!

Then finally, Peter from Warner Bros.

Bonnie had the final few words before possibly the best opening ceremony finale in theme park history!

Fireworks over the Hall of Justice!

Then they did a short section for each character from the ride!

Then the Grand Finale!

Then it was time to ride…again!!!

For the rest of the night, we just enjoyed ourselves! Rode Battle for Metropolis a ton of times and same with Riddler! We ran into some awesome people as well! This was definitely the best media event I’ve ever been to! So well done and so much fun! Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting me and throwing a fantastic event!


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