CraZanity Construction Update #1

Starting off the first update for CraZanity/Boardwalk in front of the park where signs for the new ride are up!

Here is the rendering of the Boardwalk and CraZanity from the entrance of DC Universe.

Here’s the current look of the midway games. They’ve definitely seen better days.

The Johnny Rockets will get a new look when the area is done featuring their new logo. This location still features the old one.

Johnny Rockets really does need an upgrade!

Next to Johnny Rockets is the old Drunken Barrels flat ride. You can see on the right that there is a spinning platform still present. The queue/station is used for an employee break area. This area will most likely be removed for CraZanity. This area will probably house the queue and maybe part of the foundation.

Here’s the rendering of the entrance.

Majority of the ride will go here, where the old Metro station is currently sitting.

The station is completely unusable for anything. It’s been rotting for 20+ years. It can’t even hold a Fright Fest maze (which would have been awesome as it’s so overgrown with trees).

There is a chain with the words “Danger, Keep Out of Area” on both pathways up there.

The Sand Blasters bumper cars will be getting a much needed upgrade.

This probably means that you’ll have to say goodbye to the last remaining troll at Magic Mountain.

There are huge spiderwebs over the sides of the arena.

This wall will be torn down so guests passing by can watch the bumper cars.

At the far end of what will soon be the Boardwalk, Scrambler and the restrooms will get some upgrades to their current look.

View the video update here!


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