Fright Fest Media Event/Opening Night

I arrived at the park around 5:20.

As soon as you pass through Security, you’ll see these signs warning guests about Fright Fest.

This set up was in the planter advertising the event.

The front gate has the infamous banner over top! It looks like they never changed the date on it as it says it starts “September 27th”…oops.

This is where you’ll buy your maze passes! It’s located right in front of the Six Flags Emporium. You can also buy them at Six Flags Kids, Studio 6F, and that small shop next to Superman. I do want to address this. Season pass holder DO NOT get the mazes for free. I saw a few season pass holders try to get into mazes without a wristband and get mad over it because they thought it was included. The only thing your pass includes is admission to the event, not to the actual mazes.

There is a separate line for those who purchased their maze passes online. This line is super quick.

Here’s the directions to the mazes from the front of the park.

I made my way over to the Metro Park Pub where the media event started.

New for this year is the Ghoulish Grub at the Pub, which is a pre-scare buffet with some great food options. Grub at the Pub only runs on Saturdays. First up for food, was fried chicken, mash potatoes, and a caramel apple slice.

Next up was ribs and corn!

Then some banana pudding!

It wouldn’t be a Halloween event without pumpkin pie!

The caramel apples for Fright Fest look amazing! I did check the Cartoon Candy Store and they didn’t have them. So either these were a media exclusive or they aren’t available quite yet.

a few park representatives came up to the stage and gave us some info about the event. Info such as Revolution will NOT run Rage of the Gargoyles like originally announced. Also they said that the new maze was pitch dark maze similar to the old Black Out and Total Darkness mazes.

We were taken over to DC Universe to experience the Surge! It’s basically where all the scarezone actors come out of.

And there they go!

I headed over to Metropolis to see the new Damned n’ Disguise scarezone. It’s mostly lighting based so I decided to come back when it got darker.

Here’s one of the actors in that area.

After meeting up with some of my fans on Apocalypse, I went to the first maze of the night…Aftermath 2. This maze is very unique. It’s 100% outdoors. All the buildings and facades back there are actually mounted in the ground permanently (so now coaster will go back there anytime soon) and they were reused from the old Batman Stunt Show that Battle for Metropolis replaced.

Maze Rating:

Scare: 2/10

Theming: 8/10

Story: 5/10

Overall: 15/30

Next up was Willoughby’s Resurrected. They no longer have the photo op inside. Instead, you just walk right through it. They seemed to have a lack of actors.

Maze Rating:

Scare: 4/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 5/10

Overall: 19/30

Next up was the new maze, Dead End. This is a picture from inside. That’s exactly what you see inside! I’m about 99% sure that the layout is the exact same as the old Garden of Darkness maze, just with the lights off.

Maze Rating:

Scare: 2/10

Theming: 3/10

Story: 5/10

Overall: 10/30

Chupacabra returned…again…ugh. I thought this would have retired two years ago, but its still here. It’s pretty much the tamest/shortest maze in the park. I don’t really know anyone that likes this maze. I mean it’s okay, but it could be a lot better.

Maze Rating:

Scare: 1/10

Theming: 4/10

Story: 1/10

Overall: 6/30

Now we’re getting to the best mazes in the park! The best three are located right next to each other behind Full Throttle. Toyz of Terror is a 3D maze, meaning it uses chromodepth. It also features the absolute best spinning tunnel I’ve ever seen!

Maze Rating:

Scare: 7/10

Theming: 9/10

Story: 8/10

Overall: 24/30

Next was Red’s Revenge! This maze is based after Little Red Riding Hood. But after she is killed by the wolf, her soul haunts the woods seeking revenge. This maze has some of the best scenes in the park!

Maze Rating:

Scare: 9/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 10/10

Overall: 29/30

Then to finish off the mazes is Vault 666, the best maze in the park! Also my favorite maze in SoCal!

Maze Rating:

Scare: 10/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 10/10

Overall: 30/30

That will do it for this Fright Fest report! My camera did run out of power so I couldn’t get picture of the scarezones. I do it next time I go!

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