Six Flags New England Trip Report 10/14/17

We arrived at the park around 1:30. Tried to get there earlier, but took over two hours to get to the park from Boston. Luckily the park opened at 12, so I was only an hour and a half late.

I headed to Bizarro…I mean Ride of Steel….I mean Superman The Ride. Whatever name it goes by now. It was a station wait. I waited about two rides for the back row. I was pretty impressed with this coaster. I really don’t understand the hate for this ride. The restraints, while not as good as Millie’s, are still quite comfortable. They kinda feel the SFMM Goliath restraints mixed with RMC restraints. As for the airtime, it has a lot of really good moments. The first drop was way overhyped. It’s good, but nothing amazing. The first airtime hill provides decently strong sustained airtime. The turnaround is decently forceful causing a slight grey out. Then into like two or three strong moments of sustained ejector! Then the Spaghetti Bowl section which is filled with strong positives and strong pops of ejector! Then the end of the ride is three back to back airtime hills providing some more great moments of strong ejector. Overall this coaster is amazing and should be on everybody’s bucket list. Top 5 steel coaster for sure!

Goliath had a huge wait and a lot of people were just now starting to enter the park, so I decided to fork over $40 bucks to get a regular level Flash Pass.

First ride I reserved was Goliath, so in the meantime, Wicked Cyclone! Once again, another top 5 steel coaster! Got my favorite RMC seat, row 11. On the first ride, I didn’t know if I would take over Medusa Steel Coaster, but after riding more times later that night, I thought it was for sure better! While the drop is lack luster, the first turnaround made me grey out! Like what? Greyed out on an RMC?!?! Then it throws into a quick but powerful pop of ejector which leads into the 200° stall. That is a weird element. It looks like the laterals would be crazy, but they aren’t and it goes through the inversion a lot slower than I anticipated. Some great hangtime on that inversion! The rest of the ride is crazy ejector moments, some sustained, some just pops and a bunch of crazy twists and turns! Overall, its my #1 steel coaster!

After Wicked Cyclone, my reservation was ready for Goliath. It was no preferred seating, but I was lucky enough to get assigned the front row. I actually got the seat I got last on Deja Vu. Front row, far left seat. I actually really enjoyed the new trains. They are a little rougher, but are more comfortable. The restraints were like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’s mixed with the heaviness of a Larson Looper restraint. Still a fantastic ride! Miss riding it at my home park!

Next was the Joker, the park’s new coaster! While it isn’t available on the regular Flash Pass, it does have towards the end of the line a single rider row which can save you about 10-15 mins. While this version was one of the weaker versions of the 4D freespins, it still was fun. Got a few flips and the ride was super smooth. Not intense like Green Lantern, infact, it was quite tame. Fun ride though.

While riding Joker, I reserved a ride on Superman! Love this ride so much!

Then it was time to be a bit of a credit whore! Catwoman’s Whip! Okay, back row on these cookie cutter model Tivolis provide some crazy laterals as the train is so long!

Goofy’s Sky School! Next!

Wow, another SLC! But this time with vests! Some how turned out being the roughest SLC I’ve ridden. I still have more fun on these than Batman clones.

More Joker because I can just single rider that ride while waiting for my flash pass reservation!

Then I got front row on this cool little floorless coaster! Such a unique layout! And so smooth too. I’m use to Scream (aka the roughest B&M) so a floorless that’s smooth is a god send!

Time for night rides on rides nobody cares about! Did Thunderbolt and it was fun in the pitch dark! Did Flashback which was worst than the world’s oldest Boomerang in Mexico. I actually need the chiropractor because I can’t actually turn my head to the right without bad pain in my neck. And then the “Zombie Coaster” (Pandemonium during Fright Fest) which is the coaster in the picture. It was a clone of Spinning Dragons at World’s of Fun, but with a lot less spinning.

Next was the 400 foot Sky Screamer…backwards! It was fun, but I still prefer Windseekers! View was great though.

I reserved a time for Wicked Cyclone which was 45 mins and then waited the main line. Once I got off, my reservation was ready! Two back to back rides on Wicked Cyclone!

I wanted to do a night ride on Superman, but the main line was 90 mins and my Flash Pass was 90 as well. So Wicked Cyclone again!

So got my final ride on Wicked Cyclone in row 11! I had so much fun at this park! The coaster line up is really good! Only downside is that the operations were awful. Slower than SFMM ops. Probably slowest ops I’ve seen. But other than that, it was super nice park! Can’t wait to return!

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