Electric Eel Construction Update 10/27/17

Starting this update over by Journey to Atlantis where dirt is being moved in preparation for the ride’s foundations and footers.

On the other side of the walls is Explorer’s Reef, the new for 2017 area. The new dark ride in the area was closed because of the construction for the new Premier launch coaster.

In the parking lot, there are supports for the ride.

The supports from high above the park!

Here is the trench they are digging. Most likely for the station. It does look pretty wide, so I’m hoping for a duel station like Mr. Freeze or Zombie Ride, but it probably be an exact clone of Tempesto with the 3 car long trains with OTSR.

To conclude this update, here is some track pieces for the coaster! They are located way back in the maintenance area of the park.

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