Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 1/17/18


We arrived at Universal Studios a little after 10. We were a little late because we decided to take the subway instead of paying $25 to park at Citywalk.

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Construction walls are down at the new store on the main midway.

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Love tiled artwork being done of the side of the building!

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Continuing down the midway, progress is being made on the Dreamworks theater where Shrek 4D was.


First ride of the day was the Simpsons! The sign said 20 mins, but it was walk on. With the preshows included, it was no more than 10 mins.


The lower lot didn’t open till 11 and it was 10:55 so we decided to take a quite ride on Hippogriff.


The escalators down to the lower were going under quite a bit of work. It makes sense as this is the closest thing to an offseason USH gets.


RIP the Shining


Nintendo Land


The snack place next to Mummy is walled off. Mummy was walk on, so we did it twice real quick.


Usually the go-to ride after Mummy for us is Jurassic Park, but it’s closed for maintenance. So that means Transformers!


Before heading back up to the Upper Lot, we did one more ride on Mummy.


Finally, it was time for my favorite ride!


For lunch, we went to Citywalk to try Margaritaville. Been meaning to try it sooner, but we never got around to it till now. After going to the Vegas one all of my life, this one is kinda bland. Nowhere near as much theming and no volcano :(. Food options seemed to be more limited than the Vegas location. In Vegas, I got a meal that had like three different kinds of shrimp. Couldn’t find it, so I went with this appetizer. This was really good. It was shrimp with Thai chili.


When we got back into the park, we did the Walking Dead attraction. Yeah, it’s bad, but it tides me over till haunt season.

Next we did the Animal Actors show. It’s almost identical to the Seaworld version. Very childish, but it’s fun to see the animals!


While headed to the Studio Tour, it was surprising to see the majority of the queue walled off. Not that it needed a queue on a Wednesday in mid January.

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In the beginning of the tour, you go past Jurassic Park. Here’s a look at the drained flume.

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Some Studio Tour highlights!


After Tour, it was time for more Harry Potter!


And then some more Hippogriff, because why not 🙂


Then we went to Despicable Me, because we hadn’t ridden yet that day. Personally not a fan of it. It’s too childish for my liking. (And I hate Minions)


We headed back down to the lower lot to get a few more rides in before we leave.

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Classic Mummy in front of Revenge of the Mummy!


Always have to finish with Forbidden Journey! Love this ride way too much!


On the way out, we got one last look at Saddle Ranch. This restaurant closed at the beginning of the year. I’ve heard the possibility of that chocolate factory from Orlando’s Citywalk going in it’s spot. Not opposed to that idea!


One of my NorCal friends, Coaster Coverage, always told me I needed to try boba. Citywalk has a boba place called Mini Monster. I got strawberry lemonade boba with a cotton candy cloud around the rim served in a giant lightbulb! It was pretty good!

That will conclude this update from USH!


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