Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

My apologizes for not getting a Hangtime update till now. I haven’t had time to go to the park since October due to my work schedule. So this was actually my first time seeing the ride vertical!


Starting from Ghost Town, over by Silver Bullet, you can get a great view of the first ride elements after the first drop.


The lift hill towers over the Boardwalk. It’s only 55 feet shorter than Xcelerator!


When you enter the Boardwalk from Ghost Town, this is the first up close view you get!


The chain is in on the lift.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who did it better? The wave turn on Joker or the cutback on Hangtime?


Instead of traditional anti-rollbacks, Hangtime uses magnets instead similar to the Smiler at Alton Towers.


Very excited to finally have a beyond vertical drop in Cali!


Airtime hump with the still broken down Skycabin in the background. Good news, it looks like it’s gonna reopen very sooner! We have more on it at the end of this update.


This inversion similar to the flat spin on GateKeeper isn’t getting much love, so here it is!


Can you feel your stomach dropping yet?


Cobra Roll



This non-inverting element will probably be my favorite part of the ride!


Zoom in on the holding brake!


More holding brake goodness!


To finish off the Hangtime portion of this update, we got that beautiful non-inverting element!


Now for the Skycabin! It’s been either stopped at the top or bottom all day. Every so often they would raise it up for awhile then bring it back down…


…probably so they could work on this new evacuation platform! Hopefully OSHA approves of this one unlike the Windseeker one.


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