CraZanity Construction Update 2/15/18


Starting the tour off over by Johnny Rockets and the Shoot the Hoops game.


This was the the part of the walkway that went right to the Metro station.


Lots of dirt being moved.


This is the plot of land where the tallest pendulum ride in the world will go!


Here’s a look inside the Sandblasters arena. It was recently gutted as seen in our last update.


The unnecessary wall that blocked the view of the arena has been removed!


Sandblaster is in real need of this up coming refurb.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Scrambler has been removed for extensive maintenance. It’s actually been gone for awhile. The two pics I have of it under Scream were actually taken last month.


That pretty much concludes this update. Right now it’s mostly destruction and less construction. Hopefully actual construction will start soon! Make sure to check out our video update as well! Thanks to Magic Mountain for inviting us!

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