Boysenberry Festival 2018


We arrived at Knott’s around 9:40. Once in the park, we headed to Ghost Rider which opened about 25-30 mins early. The line was about 15 mins long which isn’t too bad for Ghost Rider. The ride itself is getting rougher and slower. Ghost Rider use to be my #1 in the park, but its now my #4 in the park. Still a fun ride, but not as good as it use to be.


Next up was Silver Bullet, which was walk on. I did it in row 7 and the ride did have slight rattle, but it wasn’t really uncomfortable or anything. The ride is still amazing and offers a very different experience from most other inverts.


Next, I headed over to Sol Spin. I got an interesting ride. Got stuck at the highest possible point of the ride for 5 mins facing 90° on my side. Luckily, maintenance was extremely quick in getting us down.


Then, I headed over to Montezooma’s Revenge! The launch was quite fast today. The train was flying through the loop!


The Sky Cabin has reopened with a relocated entrance that’s now located in between the Boardwalk BBQ and the midway games.


A few days prior, Xcelerator starting testing again. In the morning, it was parked on the transfer track. There were regular ride ops in front of the exit and entrance, so that’s a good sign!


Surprisingly, Coast Rider had a 5 min wait, so I rode. The shin pads aren’t the worst thing in the world to be honest. As long as you don’t staple yourself in the seat, there’s not really much of a problem. They let me keep my lapbar at a pretty generous height, so not really anything to complain too much about.


Iron Reef was about a 10 min wait, so I definitely needed to get a ride on it. It didn’t have it’s usual stacking issue that messes with parts of the ride, so that was quite awesome!


So this was a surprise. Pony Express was suppose to be closed. A few days prior, this track section that goes over the midway was removed and being worked on.


As the crowds came in, it was time to switch over to the Boysenberry Festival!


First one I tried was the Boysenberry Quesadillas. These were not good. I’ll flat out say, these were nasty. I do appreciate that they try new things and to be honest, its a cool concept, but it didn’t really had the taste I hoped for. It did come with boysenberry salsa and sour cream. The boysenberry salsa is awesome though!

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Next up was the Boysenberry Sausage! This one was perfect! The sausage themselves had no boysenberry in them as far as I could tell, but it came with a side of boysenberry relish and a condiment stand with mustard and boysenberry ketchup. I’m not really a relish or mustard person, so I just went with the ketchup. I can’t say enough good things about this item! So perfect!


Back to another experimental/weird item on the list was the Boysenberry Hummus. I’ve never really eaten hummus before so I don’t know what it should taste like, but this had no flavor. The pita bread was pretty good, but the hummus was definitely a miss.

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The Boysenberry Elote was pretty well received, by most. For me, it was flawed. It’s basically Mexican street corn on a stick with boysenberry butter, boysenberry mayo, and Parmesan cheese. All of that sounded great except for the mayo. I’m not a fan of mayo, but I do like aioli sauce (basically garlic mayo), so I did want to try it with the mayo on so I get the full experience. I’d say unless your a big fan of mayo, to tell them to go light with it or not put it on at all. They put so much on mine, I couldn’t really taste anything else, but mayo. I think if it was just the boysenberry butter and cheese, that would have been perfect.


This is not a meatball, its actually a macaroon! This was out of this world amazing! The icing on it was pure bliss! The cookie by itself was amazing! Both together was a match made in heaven!


The Boysenberry Wings were tied for my favorite item on the menu this year! These were so good! I’m a big wing person, so this was definite home run for Knott’s!


Here we got a pierogi. It’s like a Central European dumpling. It’s filled with cheese and possibly potatoes. On the side was boysenberry onions with bacon and boysenberry sour cream. These were weird, but actually quite good!


The booth that had the longest line was the Boysenberry Short Rib. About a 10-15 min wait for it. This item was more basic and nothing really crazy. They’re just really good! It comes with rice and green onions. While not my favorite item on the list, these were probably #3 or #4.


Here’s some extra stuff we bought that weren’t on the tasting card such as boysenberry cotton candy, boysenberry boba, and Calico Soda. All amazing items!

On the way out, I walked by Xcelerator and they started doing some sort of testing. They moved the train from the station to the block before it.

That will pretty much conclude this trip report at Knott’s. We have vlog that will be linked below!

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