Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18


On the first element of Hangtime, there are wires in place for the lighting package that will be attached to the track.


On the cobra roll, construction workers were busy getting the lights mounted on the track.


From the Sky Cabin queue, you can get a view of Hangtime queue and it’s shade structure.


Here’s aerial view of Hangtime’s queue.


Not 100% what this is, but think its the lights that are being mounted on the track.


Here’s an up-close look at the lights!


I noticed a couple areas on the track that appear to have gotten extra welding done to them since last time. This one is located on the cobra roll.


This one is located on the first inversion.


The operator booth has been built and is waiting to be finished.


The station is looking nice, but obviously it needs to be painted and such.


Here’s a look at the gift shop. It’s located where Riptide use to be.


And to finish off the update, here’s the new painting on the back wall of the Calico Mine Ride.

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