New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!


Today we got to experience some new stuff at Six Flags Magic Mountain! We have three things that will make your next visit to the park even better!

3. Jet Stream Refurbishment

First off, Jet Stream reopened this weekend with completely repainted and refurbished boats! The ride itself has gone over a major overhaul including the shed over the first drop to be mostly replaced! This classic has been missing in action all season so far until now.


2. Thrill Shakes

Magic Mountain use to have a partnership with Cold Stone Creamery, but that partnership ended at the end of the 2017 season. The ice cream in both the main plaza and Cyclone Bay, have been sitting dormant this season. Six Flags has reopened both locations. We will be focusing on the one in front of the park as we didn’t check out the Cyclone Bay located. We only saw that it was open, not the new name or items on the menu. The Plaza Ice Cream & Shakes is the new name of the Plaza location. They do offer single, double, and triple scoops of ice cream, Belgian Waffles, and Thrill Shakes! The single scoop is available at this location on the dining pass as a snack. This location originally did not accept dining passes.


This is a Thrill Shake! There are three types of Thrill Shakes; Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies & Cream (pictured), and Peanut Butter! The Cookies & Cream shake was full of incredible surprises! It has Oreos, chocolate syrup, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, a chocolate ice cream bar, and a brownie! This shake was one of the best I’ve ever had! Six Flags really stepped up their game with these! They cost $14.99 and are worth every penny! If it’s too pricey for you and you want a less glamorous shake, you can purchase a traditional shake for $7.99, though we highly recommend you upgrade to a Thrill Shake!


1. DC Super Heroes: Drop of Doom VR

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom has received a VR overlay for now. Once you get seated on one of the gondolas and get your VR headset put on, you’ll transported into LexCorp tower. You will be able to look up, down, side to side, and even behind you!

Your character in the VR world, is sitting in a chair with other test subjects around you. Once the ride starts, Lex comes out and hits you with a zero gravity gun that makes you start floating. Superman and Wonder Woman crash through the window to stop Lex. Lex Bots join Lex’s side to fight against Superman and Wonder Woman. During the fight, you get knocked back and fly out the window. Now you’re high above the city! At the end of the fight, Lex’s anti-gravity gun effects wear off and plummet towards the ground. Wonder Woman saves you last second while Superman captures Lex!

The ride is definitely something special and quite different. You can choose to ride with VR or without. If you’re afraid of heights, the VR option is actually better, even though it’s simulated to actually be a 1000′ drop and not a 400′ like the real ride. But the cartoony look of the animation doesn’t make the experience feel real enough and it just doesn’t feel as scary because of that. I would recommend trying both if you get the chance! They feel completely different even though they are the same ride. I’ve ridden this ride 400+ times and with the VR could not figure out when we were gonna drop! Awesome experience either way you ride!

DC Super Heroes: Drop of Doom VR opens this Monday with it soft opening today and tomorrow!

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