Silver Dollar City Trip Report 4/6/18


After a day of traveling, I finally made it to Silver Dollar City! This was my first time at the park, but kinda knew what to expect as I’ve been to its sister park, Dollywood!


From what I heard, Time Traveler doesn’t have the best capacity and is located in the front of the park, so I decided to go to it first.


The queue for Time Traveler is very similar to Lightning Rod’s with two floors of queue and the third floor being the station. When you first walk into the queue building, your picture is taken in front of a green screen. Then you actually enter the queue. I waited nearly an hour for Time Traveler in the morning waiting for it to open. It had an interesting problem. The loading gates wouldn’t open. After an hour of waiting, I decided to bail.


After leaving the Time Traveler line, I went to Outlaw Run. Outlaw was closed when I came up to it, but it opened right as I turned around to go to another ride. Pure luck!


Outlaw Run is something else! It’s nothing like any other RMC I’ve ridden. It’s quite rough, but in a good way! The coaster experience is a mix between Medusa Steel Coaster down in Mexico City and Ghost Rider at Knott’s. Recommend riding row 11 (2nd to back row).


Next up, Wildfire! The parks B&M Sitdown! This completes the list of B&M coaster styles I’ve ridden unless you want to count the family invert in China. The sitdown trains ride a little bit different from floorless trains, but not by too much. The layout reminds me of a mix of Medusa (SFDK) and Batman: The Dark Knight. I rode in the back and it was quite smooth with a slight rattle.


Then I went to Powder Keg and this ride blew my mind! The launch is more forceful than I expected. There’s also a ton of sustained airtime moments. The airtime is between floater and ejector. Not quite either. Too strong to be floater and too weak to be ejector. This ride is also smooth which surprised me considering El Loco isn’t really a smooth ride. Not to mention it reuses some old track from a premier water coaster. Very shocked at how smooth this ride was! What an awesome ride!


Both Dollywood and Silver Dollar are known for their amazing food! One thing Silver Dollar has been trying to push in terms of food was skillets. They had at least three stands in the parks for them. Considering they have so many stands for them, they had to be good right! Yes, they were amazing! I really loved the portion size. It was definitely enough to tide you over till dinner, but not so much that you feel sick. Perfect portions and it was only $9.99!

After lunch, I went to ThuNderaTion, the park’s mine train. This ride was interesting. It had a great layout, but my main issue was with how long the train was. It was 6 cars long (36 people), which is quite long for a mine train. I rode back row which is why I felt it was too forceful. I’m sure in the middle it would have been fine, but boy, that back row is crazy. It wasn’t Quimera forceful (no where close), but Quimera has OTSR which helps a lot. Anyway, great mine train, but I would shorten the train by one car.

I rode a few smaller rides like the Flooded Mine, a shooter dark boat ride that’s quite similar to the Calico Mine Ride from Knott’s. Also got the kiddie coaster, because why not right! Then I did the mini S&S tower which was fun. Then I rode Fire in the Hole, which is the same dark coaster as Blazing Fury at Dollywood. Fun coaster!


Now it was time for rerides as Time Traveler was still down. I rode Outlaw Run three times in row, then went to Powder Keg for another ride on that!


At this point, I was expecting Time Traveler not to open, but I noticed an extreme lack of people in the back of the park, so I figured it must of open. I was right and the line was 20 mins which was the longest line in the park all day! I got the front row on Time Traveler. The restraints are super weird. They’re the same style as Manta’s, but the lower automatically, but in an unusual way. The ride ops have button on the car that will lower your restraint then. They tell you to raise your hands for 10-15 secs. The restraint goes tighter, looser, tighter, looser, etc in that time. Then once the locking mechanism disengages, the restraint pops up about an inch. It does this everytime and its perfectly normal, just weird. The ride itself isn’t anything super intense or crazy. The spinning is more like a slow rotation. the inversions and launch are interesting with spinning seats. Overall though, I think the coaster would have been better as a Big Dipper like Lost Gravity. Still a fun ride!


After that, I rode the park’s train which was quite fun. There’s a lot of acting in it, mostly directed towards kids, but it’s fun to take a ride through wilderness and get great views of Outlaw Run!


Next, I rode American Plunge, the park’s log flume! It has a dark ride segment that’s in pitch darkness while music plays. Then there’s few animatronic objects before hitting the lift. The drop isn’t that big, but it causes a huge splash! I got soaked!


Wildfire was right near American Plunge so I decided to ride it again! Nobody was in the station, so I went for the front row. It’s definitely much rougher in the front. This is for sure a back row ride.


More Powder Keg!


Then more Outlaw Run!


After a few more rides on Outlaw, I rode Time Traveler again. Now, it was a walk on. I got the back car which was crazy on the drop! Usually it’s no preferred seating, but if you can, try to get the back car!


Cinnamon Bread! Just as outstanding as Dollywood’s!


For the last 45 mins of the park being open, I rode Outlaw Run! Overall I got ten rides on Outlaw Run! Amazing day at the park! Silver Dollar is one of my all time favorite parks now! Can’t wait to visit again!

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