Kings Island Trip Report 6/19/18


After a four hour bus ride from Cedar Point, I finally made it to Kings Island! It’s been three long years since the last time I was here. In that time, they’ve received a highly themed wooden coaster from GCI!


First up was the new GCI woodie, Mystic Timbers! It was a walk on which I was not expecting at almost 12:00! The coaster part of the ride was like a tame version of Prowler. So from a coaster enthusiast prospective, it was kinda lame. But, you have remember, this ride is not about the coaster, it’s about the theming! This is a heavily themed ride and the main focus is theming/story telling! The theming in the famous shed is done quite well. I think people were expecting it to be a drop track or atleast some kind of jumpscare. I knew this wasn’t gonna be the case from the day they announced the ride with the whole #whatsintheshed campaign. I knew it was just gonna be some nice theming and maybe some projection mapping. And that’s exactly what it is! That’s all it needs to be!


Next up was Diamondback which seemed weaker than I remembered it. I remembered it having sustained airtime throughout every hill. Now it seems like it’s just only going up the front or going down the back of the camelbacks depending on if you sat in the front or back. Maybe it’s too early in the season and it isn’t running full speed? I don’t know. It dropped down to least favorite B&M Hyper.


Then I went to legendary Beast! The world’s 2nd longest woodie behind Montana Rusa at La Feria which I was able to ride last year! While many woodies focus on airtime, The Beast does not which is why I feel younger enthusiasts don’t really enjoy it. This ride is all about laterals! The turns have little to no banking and you fly through them! There’s a reason this ride has a lot trims. If it wasn’t trimmed, it would be Quimera (also from La Feria) intense which is way too intense/forceful to run in the US. That ending helix is best helix ever made it’s sustained for like 30 seconds with awesome lats and the jostling of the PTC trains! It’s just perfect!


I wanted to get Firehawk done with ASAP because it’s capacity is crap. It had the longest wait of the entire day…10 mins! I personally really love Firehawk. It’s by far the best flyer I’ve ridden…sorry Tatsu. I just love the Vekoma flyer design so much more. There’s more going on in the layout and they load you on your back instead of your stomach which is a million times better! Also far better restraints! Did I also mention, it’s somehow the smoothest ride at KI? Like no joke. The park’s relocated Vekoma flyer is smoother than the park’s B&M hyper, B&M invert, and brand new GCI woodie.


It was then time for lunch! Skyline anyone?! I finally tried their 4-way which is spaghetti covered in chili, cheese, and onions! Sounds nasty, but it’s literally one of the best things I’ve ever tried!


The new Coney Bar B Que restaurant looked very nice! It’s very similar to the one Knott’s received this year.


Next up was the coaster I was absolutely was terrified to ride again…Banshee! Last time I rode it, it caused me to have excruciating pain in my back. Here’s my review of the issue I had last time.


Banshee didn’t bother me at all this year!!! I went on crying because I wasn’t ready for that horrible pain again, but came off crying tears of joy! Such a fantastic ride! Sadly I wasn’t able to appreciate it till now! It’s the perfect mix of Silver Bullet and Gatekeeper! It’s pretty forceless, I don’t know why people say this ride feels like a 90’s invert…it doesn’t. It’s literally a cross between Silver Bullet and Gatekeeper! Which is great because those are some of my favorite B&Ms.


Then it was time for the best Arrow suspended coaster in the US, The Bat…aka Flight Deck…aaka Top Gun! This coaster utilizes the swinging better then the other two suspended Arrows in the US.


Then every single ride went down besides the Carousel and some Planet Snoopy rides. Power outage maybe?


First thing to reopen…Diamondback. Not surprising since B&M just bounce back from downtime like nothing ever happened!


The rest of the day, I spent trying enjoy myself and didn’t feel like reporting on the rest until later in the day. So got a few rerides on everything then decided to ride everything else.


I always wanted to try Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, the park’s log flume! It’s really fun, but kinda small.


Vortex was perfection as always! One of the best Arrows ever built!


Backlot Stunt Coaster is still somehow the most intense ride in the park. It’s basically a launched wild mouse!


I actually enjoyed Invertigo this time because I sat in the middle. The best/smoothest spot for Boomerangs. I also got to try the Racer, Adventure Express, and Flight of Fear again. I’ll leave the reviews of those for my vlog!


After finishing out on some rerides, it was time to head back to Cedar Point! What an awesome day though! Can’t wait to be back!

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