Walt Disney Studios Park — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18

In arrival from the RER A station from Paris one would end at Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy. Upon exiting the train station you would automatically be right at the security check entrance in front of Disney which makes it very easy for tourist to travel. On your right you see the entrance to Disneyland Paris and to the left Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios which my group and I had entered first.


We we were in “Awe” with the park as it was our first time in a Disney park not in California. We then headed to Crush’s Coaster, which after a 50min wait broke down but we got fast passes to return to later!


After 3 years of not riding it we were able to experience Hollywood’s Tower of Terror again which with all due respect is a far superior attraction to its replacement in California, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout. The drops were much stronger and the eerie atmosphere is still strong in this version.


Next up was the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic which had no wait. The tour was guided by a two TV host in which one would say dialogue in English and the other in French. It lasted only around 15 min long consisting of small props around the green area and a special effects demonstration regarding a mountain ridge of oil extraction.


Got quick ride from Rock’n’Rollercoaster which was nice except there was no onboard audio on our train which dulled the experience however everything else was working perfectly and for a vekoma it’s pretty smooth with lots of strong laterals!


We had lunch in the main Studio 1 building which had a variety of food options and plenty of seating. For the first time ever I got a meal a Disney Park  in which I did not feel cheated for the price. For those of your who don’t know in France the price of any item is exactly what is shown, the tax and tip is already included in the price marked. I had a chicken sandwich with fries a drink and a yorgurt for 13.99€(That’s the price total). The food was very delicious.


After enjoying our food we headed to Ratatoullie! Ratatoullie has a fantantasic land and queue themed to ironically Paris! Inside the queue building you encounter the restaurant and Gusteau whom speaks of his amazing restaurant.


The ride is trackless and is a mix simulation and practical sets more along the lines of Transformer’s The Ride 3D at Universal Parks, however this system and engineering was far superior.


Finally we took a stroll towards Toy Story Playland with a few flat rides and themed areas for kids, we went to our final ride at the park Crush’s Coaster.


With our fast pass in our possession we were able to board the ride within 5 min. Crush’s Coaster exceeded my expectations. For a family coaster the theming was pretty narly! Animontronics and building detail made it seem like you were in a corral reef. When the top of the lift hill actually reach it was like a spinning space mountain. There were ocean blue lights twirling and effects and the track made for a fairly forceful layout. I was pretty impressed however Ratatoullie remains the king of the park.


The park was small but we spent a great majority of the day here it almost felt like a whole day was needed for it to soak in everything instead of half a day. Nevertheless it was quite an experience in which I would love to do again. I would like to point out the staff is very nice and approachable and bi-lingual(French and English) if any are concerns of the language barrier. Don’t miss out on this European Disney Adventure! Merci au revoir et bonne journée!

—Edgardo Rivas

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