Disneyland Paris — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18


Disneyland Paris, what an atsonishing park. Where do I begin? Upon leaving the RER A station instead of approaching left to Walt Disney Studios Park you would go right where you encounter this grand eye popping hotel with fountains surrounding it’s courtyard. After entering the bottom of the hotel you pass through the main entrances greeted by nice Disney employees.


Heading down Main Street U.S.A. unlike Disney CA the castle is very tall and visible from the moment you exit the turnstiles.


We decided to go to Pirate’s of the Carribean first which actually had a queue and not just ropes around a ramp(*cough *cough Disney CA). You enter a castle fortress and the deeper inside it becomes a jungle with lots of palm trees and tropical plants feeling like you’re on the beach at night. And the entire ride felt like a decent overhaul to CA’s version. There were a few aminomtronics that look rather on the bad side but they weren’t significant ones.


Next up was my least favorite ride at Disney CA due to its absurd wait times and lack queue space, Peter Pan’s flight. While more along the same ride this features 2 rows of 3 people instead of one row of 2 people like CA and the pirate ships aren’t spaced so closely that you can see the other people on the ride throughout the course. This is my favorite Disney movie and I felt actually satisfied with this version since it featured a full length queue and cleaner sets.


At this point we though “Hey, Indiana Jones Le Temple du Peril has a short 20 min wait, let’s go there”. This was not the case the queue was alright featuring all outdoor jungle and canopies but made for a very humid queue as opposed to the rest of the park. Not to mention the line was not 20 min but rather 40 min. Boarding the ride the restraints feel similar to Vekoma boomerangs’ but a little more comfortable. The coaster has dips and drops that for the size they’re it has quite decent forces and then the loop has some strong g forces, but it due to the strong banks the ride has after each drop it causes for some head banging. Personally a one and done for a trip to the park.


We we went straight to the other side of the park for Hyper Space Mountain. The queue building is interesting it starts off near a water lagoon pond and once inside it starts looking like an industrial space way. In the queue you can very much hear the screams and train of the riders inside the dome of the coaster. The station feels similar to what was California Screamin at California Adventure but more enclosed. You begin an accent upwards where you wait for a count down and bam a strong launch into the dome where stars and many Star Wars themed ships are shooting at you. The ride itself is incredibly smooth, smoother than any Arrow and Vekoma I have ridden and even some B&Ms. The ride’s side-winder and other inversions were forceful and smooth making it the best of the two versions I’ve ridden.


We did “It’s a Small World” which had no wait, and much larger boats!


Then we decided to get lost in one of the most interesting mazes, Alice’s Curious Laybrinth. The maze was sort of a challenge but you would end at the castle which gave great views of Fantasyland! We explored the castle at this point in which you can enter top levels, read the story of Aurora with stain glass windows reflecting some amazing light into the structure.


I steered my group into something that I believe is exclusive to Disneyland Paris! It was “La Tanière du Dragon” which had the dragon from the movie Sleeping Beauty under the castle! It moved, blew fog and growled at guest about every minute! We were a bit tired by this point, and decided one more ride on Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast! And for the first time ever I came in last place on a dark ride shooter!


We walked around Main Street U.S.A. and collected so many souvenirs! If you know me personally I’m a sucker for anything Winnie the Pooh! So I got an Eeyore Pillow for 25€ which ended up being more comfortable than my pillow back in my dorm! It’s takes about and 40min to 1hr to get back to the center of Paris but it’s incredibly easy to get to the park and back!


Overall I was really impressed the park! It is truly a successor to Disneyland CA. The theming, rides, wait times and pricing all surpassed it’s older brother in CA. I paid 95$(US Dollars) for a park hopper and it was well priced! I also have never said this before but I’ve never been to a park where the staff is 100% good looking! I kid you not every single cast member was incredibly good looking and nice on top of it all! My group and I kept commenting on that the entire day! Don’t miss out Euro-Disney! Merci au revoir et bonne journée!

—Edgardo Rivas

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