Steel Curtain Construction Update 7/17/18


Walking over by Racer, the first thing you notice is this giant crane standing right next to it!


If you get close to the construction fence, you’ll immediately notice rebar sticking out of the ground for what will be a footer.


You can see that this site is massive!


The construction site goes all the way back to the end of Racer with more footers back there.


Lots of footers!


Here’s an upclose shot on one of the rebar cages.


Over by the park’s Skycoaster is a lagoon filled with these rebar cages that will soon be footers for the new S&S coaster.


At first I thought these footers were so far apart and separated because I was expecting the track to big like how Valravn’s is. The bigger the track, the less supports it would require. I was thinking maybe this was gonna be the first RMC Trex, but as it turns out, its gonna be some sort of weird S&S coaster with tower like supports.

That’s will conclude this update! Thanks for reading and we hope to check out this new record breaker next year!

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