Michigan’s Adventure Trip Report 7/10/18


We arrived at Michigan’s Adventure a little after they opened.


First coaster of the day was Corkscrew! It’s literally right there as you walk through the front gate! We waited about 15 mins as this ride can only run one train. We got second to back and were impressed with how this park maintains this ride. Very comfortable padding and also retractable seatbelts! The ride was quite smooth and was definitely better than Cedar Point’s Corkscrew.


We waited about 30 mins for Mad Mouse, got to the front of the line and someone passed out from heat exhaustion. So add another 30 mins on. Worth the hour wait for my first Arrow mouse! So much airtime and no trims!


Is that T R I C K T R A C K ?


After Mad Mouse, we got the two kiddie coasters.


Thunderhawk is the old Geauga Lake SLC and it’s incredibly smooth! Smoothest SLC I’ve ridden!


Because the park doesn’t make a full loop around, they have train that goes from one side to the other.


Wolverine Wildcat is the medium sized woodie in the park. As a review for it, just #RMCitorwreckit. I mean it didn’t kill me. It was still fun, but it should be RMC’d.


Timbers on the other hand is quite smooth and has some great airtime! One of the best woodies I’ve ever ridden. This is what Ghost Rider at Knott’s wishes it was!


For lunch we went to Coasters, the traditional Cedar Fair eatery. I just got a regular cheese burger with onion rings and an Oreo Shake. I mean, for basic theme park food, it was pretty good.


More Mad Mouse!


Loggers Run was a nice little log ride! No theming, but a nice little ride!


Then we finished out the day with some more rerides on Timbers, Wildcat, and Corkscrew!


Last thing we tried before leaving was the Swan Boats which were unique and relaxing!


Overall, we had a fantastic time at MA and highly recommend it to any enthusiast!


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