Kennywood & Waldemeer Trip Report 7/17/18


After so many Morgan coasters and everyone telling me Phantom is the best one, it was finally time to see what the hype was all about!


First thing we did was the Noah’s Ark walkthru attraction. It was definitely unique and something you don’t see often.


First coaster of the day was Exterminator, the Reverchon spinning mouse. This is the same model I rode in Mexico City at La Feria…but no where near as crazy. It’s trimmed and has some decent theming. For a small park like Kennywood, it’s pretty well themed.


Then it was time for the ride I came here for…Phantom! The Arrow/Morgan mashup hyper coaster!


Arrow trains…


And Morgan track!


Even with old modified Arrow looper trains, this ride runs glass smooth! Morgan honestly has the best designed track of all time in my opinion! Every Morgan has remained ultra smooth and the feel of their track as you ride over it feels unique. The ride itself though I was underwhelmed with. The drop is pretty decent and the second drop is absolutely amazing. The turnaround is very similar to Superman El Ultimo Escape’s. Not quite as forceful though. Then random ejector hills with very loose lapbars. Because of the crazy room between you and the lapbar, you get slammed hard into you’re seat coming out of the hills. This coaster is also incredibly short. Makes Full Throttle seem like a complete coaster. Overall, my least favorite Morgan hyper as the airtime is just extremely short pop, heavily trimmed, and is kinda pointless. Still fun, but a weird ride.


Next up was Thunderbolt, one of the absolute best woodies I’ve ridden! This ride starts off with one of it’s biggest drops coming right out of the station! It also provides some crazy airtime! After the lift, you get the strongest laterals I’ve experienced on a US coaster.


One great woodie to another! Jack Rabbit is the oldest coaster I’ve now ridden! 1920! No lapbars, just seatbelts with trimless Magnum style ejector! Not as good as Thunderbolt, but still an amazing ride!


Two great woodies and now onto a third which can be summed up with the hashtag: #RMCitorwreckit. Just Racer at KI, this needs to be RMC’d. For a park filled with great woodies, this one is garbage. About as tame as you can get on a racing woodie. The only good part is the final drop where catch some decent airtime.


We did a few flats while here including the Zamperla Discovery called Black Widow. This ride was different from the other Discovery I rode at SFDK. The spinning switches directions every other swing which is annoying and it takes forever it to reach it’s max height.


Bayern Curve is amazing! It’s about forceful as it can get before you start to grey out!


The Whip is pretty fun flat, though it was not as intense as I expected.


Now on to the food! The park’s famous fries were pretty good, but I personally prefer Cedar Point’s Fresh Cut Fries. These weren’t as flavorful.


The S’more Belgian Waffle was absolutely amazing! This is a must at Kennywood!


After a few rerides, we decided to leave to go to Waldemeer!


After about 90 mins on the road, we made it to Waldemeer!


We started by getting their kiddie coasters. Comet and Ravine Flyer lll.


Then it was time for Ravine Flyer ll! This was my first Gravity Group coaster! While it was a bit slow, it was quite smooth and I’ll take it over any GCI, even Thunderhead and Gold Striker. The last few hills were really slow. Like felt like it was gonna valley slow.


Oh look, a Steel Dragon I’m not too tall to ride!


Larson drop tower!


This was actually one of the better log flumes I’ve ridden! This needs more recognition!


Cheesy but awesome dark ride!


I would say #RMCitorwreckit, but I don’t this RMC can do anything for a flat ride.


Finished the night off with some cool flats! I had great time at these two smaller parks! They offer a completely different experience from larger corporate parks!

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