Kentucky Kingdom & Kings Island Trip Report 7/24/18


After driving all night, we finally made it to Kentucky Kingdom!


An amazing benefit of being a Cedar Point employee is that they offer free admission to a few park outside their chain like Kentucky Kingdom!


First up was Lightning Run. This coaster wasn’t as good as I hoped. Most of the hills are very weak ejector and the ride just felt slow. It wasn’t bad, it was still good, but nothing amazing like many claim it to be.


Vekoma kiddie coaster. Got the credit. Nothing more to say!


Next up was Thunder Run which is a Hurler clone. This ride was actually build by a different manufacturer than the Hurler clones. It definitely better than Carowind’s Hurler. Next rode Kings Dominion’s so I can’t say about that one. It had some decent airtime and wasn’t too rough.


T3 was one of my favorite SLC’s! It was quite smooth with great restraints!


Finally, we rode Storm Chaser! RMC’s first fully steel coaster! This ride has the Medusa Steel Coaster style of drop. Didn’t like it on Medusa, didn’t like it here. The rest of the ride is crazy laterals and strong ejector! One of the best RMC’s I’ve ever ridden! It’s basically a far superior Medusa Steel Coaster.


Also this coaster was my 200th coaster!


After that, we decided to head to Kings Island!


We started by hitting up the back of the park first. So Banshee, Bat, Invertigo, Adventure Express, Flight of Fear, Racer, and Backlot!


Diamondback is still crazy slow, with virtually no airtime anymore.


Banshee at night is amazing!


Finished out the night with the Beast!


We had an amazing time at both Kentucky Kingdom & Kings Island. I didn’t spend too much on the Kings Island section of this blog post as I went earlier in the season. Kinda wanted to enjoy my time instead of worrying about my content for GAC.

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