West Coast Racers Construction Update 9/18/18


Starting over by Ninja, you can see a decent plot of land now that the old buildings in Cyclone Bay have been removed.


A bunch of markers are laid out on this open section of dirt.


On the other side of  Apocalypse, are these huge construction walls that extend from the arcade to Jet Stream’s entrance.


As for Apocalypse, its closed for more track work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the teaser posters on the construction wall.


Here’s where the final section of the ride will be after the 2nd and 4th launch.


This is probably where the station will be located.


This is where the wall ends.


This is where the brake run will be once the ride is built.


So this is the entire section where the brakes, station, launch 1 and 3, and the high five will be!


Torn up section of track on Apocalypse.


Another view of the station and brake run area.


And this is the finale of the ride where big spaghetti bowl section will be!

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