Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

For the second full day of East Meets ACE, we started off the day at Toshimaen with ERT on all three coaster plus the powered coaster.


Because we don’t have much time at each park, we needed to plan well to get on everything. Instead of the star coasters first, we decided to get the kiddie coaster out of the way due to it’s low capacity.


For some reason everybody was riding the Togo jet coaster, so went over the Arrow Corkscrew. This one was refurbished in the 90’s and has the Canyon Blaster style trains on it which are incredibly smooth! Even though it’s the old double corkscrew model, it was really good!


By this time, nobody was at the jet coaster. It’s basically a better version of a mine train found all over Japan. They seem to hold their speed really well similar to the Beast. This ride’s finale was a huge helix in an underground tunnel!


When the park officially opened to the public, we went to their Condor as these rides are rare and I had never ridden one before.


Then we went over to the log flume and powered coaster.


More rides on the Arrow Corkscrew!


Before leaving, we found this BBQ place in the back of the park where you cook your own food! It was really awesome!


Onto Yomiuriland! Once again, we had to think strategically. First, we went the indoor spinning coaster. We waited a little bit for it. Maybe thirty minutes. The theming on this coaster Disney level! It was fantastic!


Of course, the next ride was the kiddie coaster!



Then we went next door to the weird Togo looper. It has one standup train and one sit down. I went to the stand up side. Less wait and I had never ridden a Togo standup. These Japan Togos came out a lot better than the US ones. This was the smoothest stand up I’ve ever ridden! Way smoother than Riddler! Kinda makes me sad that Togo doesn’t make coasters anymore.


Here’s the sitdown train. Didn’t ride, because I wasn’t gonna count it as two credits and there was other rides I wanted to get on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it was time for star attraction, Bandit! This is the coaster that inspired Magnum at Cedar Point! Personally though, I see very little resemblance to Magnum. It feels more like a steel version of the Beast at Kings Island. It was fantastic. Some incredibly sharp turn and forceful helices!


This is a must-do at this park! Their rapids ride! It’s completely indoors except for this turn around in the picture. It’s themed to ramen noodles and has shooter dark ride elements in it. You have buttons and shoot at screens, then go down drops, some of which are curved! As strange as it is, best rapids ride ever!

We finished off the night with the park’s giant Ferris Wheel!

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