Valravn Sunrise Tour


Starting the Sunrise Tour underneath the Valravn station, you can see this is where all the water dummies are stored.


Here’s a look at the combs (aka the retracting floor).


Here’s a look at the spare parts for the ride such as wheels, chain dogs, anti-rollback dogs, and the drop dog.


Here’s the stand used as IAAPA to showcase the train.


Drive tires


Here’s two different sets of wheels. The white wheels are the nylon wheels. We were told that they used them when they first started test running, but it “ran too fast” making it “too intense.” I doubt that considering Quimera is a thing and I don’t think a dive coaster could ever get close to that sort of intensity. Anyway, these yellow wheels are not as good by any means. They slow the ride down and cause a rougher ride. Lately, these wheels were added to Diamondback which significantly slowed the ride down.


Here’s some nice blue padding for the seats and restraints!


Here’s the amazing wheel assembly on Valravn! These bogies can spin 360°!


This is the complex system of dogs on the train. Chain dogs and anti-rollback dogs



This dog in the middle on these two pictures are the drop dog. This is the one that engages to the holding brake. It’s basically a reverse setup to a normal chain dog. But it does have to be tucked away during the chain lift so it doesn’t interfere.


There are these small green bumps near the station and top of the lift that lock and unlock the drop dog.


It’s crazy how massive these trains are!



There are no rails in the storage track. B&M has all of their models (except flyers) come off the track in storage. This to prevent the wheels from getting flat spots as most B&M trains have all the weight ride directly on top of the wheels. It also makes maintenance on the ride easier.


Most things have a best used before date, not a best used after date, but the Uremet wheels have just that.


Time to head up to the top of the lift! We took the funicular though luckily as this is a hard lift to climb. 200+ feet at a 47°.


Beautiful view of the marina and city of Sandusky!


Remember those green bumps I was talking about that unlock the drop dog? Here’s one at the top of the lift. This one specifically unlocks it so it catch the second lift that acts as the holding brake.


Steel Vengeance doing a lift walk at the same time we were. Lift walks are a requirement for ride ops at Cedar Point to ensure they are comfortable with evacuating people in case of an emergency.


The ride I operate doesn’t actually do lift walks as we don’t have a catwalk. Instead, we only have a funicular which only maintenance can use.


The best views are from Valravn as its in the middle of the park!


Here’s the block brake and holding brake at the top of the structure!


Time to head back down.


Now that we were off the lift, the morning testing could now begin!

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