Nagashima Spa Land Trip Report


Off in the distance, the last remaining Giga Coaster in the world remains that I’ve yet to ride towers over a Japanese town!


The full coaster comes into view and you can really see how huge this ride is!


To get to the park, you have to go through rice fields!


First off, we needed to get the low capacity rides done with. Arashi was pretty close to the front so we started here! This thing is absolutely crazy compared to the US freespins!


Located right down the midway from Arashi is Ultra Twister! This thing was the most painful Togo on the trip due to it’s hard brakes. If you’re not prepared, it will nut punch in the midcourse.


Pretty much, all the big coasters are located on the left side of the park, so it’s quite convenient. Located next to Ultra Twister was the Manta clone, Acrobat. This being only my 2nd B&M flyer, I really didn’t find it too different from Tatsu. The scenery is definitely better than Tatsu’s, but the layouts feel more or less the same. Just the elements are different orders.


Now it was finally time to ride Steel Dragon which has just puts its 2nd train on!


Once we got in line, they had all the dummies off of the yellow train and the ride was ready!


Steel Dragon 2000 is a Morgan Giga Coaster based after the layout of Mamba at World’s of Fun. It was given new trains from B&M a few years ago which made there be a max height for riding. Apparently they’ve fixed the clearance issues recently because a bunch of people were taller than 6’1″ who rode. There were no height checks for it or signs stating that rule.


The chain/anti-rollback dogs are massive!


I plan to release a more in depth review of the ride with my new top 5 giga coasters post coming soon, I’m not gonna say too much about the ride experience here.


Next up was their wild mouse which has two sides like Animal Kingdom’s. One side was down which I could careless about as I don’t count dueling/racing coasters as two credits.


Next to the mouse, was a first gen drop tower! I had never ridden one before so this was a must!…I did not like it. They’re quite clunky and headache inducing.


While the shuttle loop was down for maintenance, the other Schwarzkopf looper was most indeed open and it was quite fun!


The Corkscrew was kinda weird…What Arrow Looper has seatbelts that go across your lap?


This was the most American food I had on the trip and it was better than most US park food. All of this cost 1,150 yen or $10.43 which is quite cheap for theme park food!


Then we headed to the other side of the park where the kids area was. There was a powered coaster, but we don’t count those, so we didn’t bother. Instead, we went for the Tivoli. This ride is weird because it uses a handbrake to stop the ride. The op let us goes twice, but on the second trip he didn’t use the handbrake at all and we flew through the station into an unbanked turn at full speed. #unexpectedlaterals


They had a Togo Jetcoaster that was hidden in the trees and was quite smooth and fun.


The Spaceshot tower was definitely modified from the original way S&S programmed. I could go into why, but I’d be here all day explaining it. Just take my word that its strange.


In Japanese fashion, there’s a giant Ferris Wheel! Great views from up here!


Time for more Arashi!


Another ride on Dragon couldn’t hurt either!


But another ride on Ultra Twister might hurt. The second time wasn’t as bad because I knew where all the painful parts were and braced. It’s actually a pretty fun ride when it doesn’t hurt.


Gave Acrobat another try. Still not impressed. It looks cool, but the layout is just bland.


I finished up the day with one last ride on Arashi! This time I went by myself which makes it flip more! I almost got a red out! It was so intense!


That will conclude this trip to Nagashima Spa Land!

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