Top 10 RMC Coasters

In this post, I’ll be counting down my top 10 RMCs that I’ve ridden!


#10 Twisted Colossus

Starting off the countdown with my least favorite RMC, Twisted Colossus. A lot of people tend to think this one of RMC’s best, but I completely disagree. It has by far the weakest airtime of any RMC. The layout is very linear and not very “twisted”. The ride feels like two incomplete coasters put together separated by a lift hill in between. The racing aspect is cool, but it only races 5% of the time. With a ride where all elements interact with other track, it’s very underwhelming not to race.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

#9 Medusa Steel Coaster

This ride was a mess when I rode it in early 2017. It had a VR overlay on one train while the other train didn’t. They also slowed both trains so the airtime wouldn’t as strong to make sure VR headsets wouldn’t fly off. It was slow, but also the layout didn’t impress. The first drop is meh. Most of the elements are quick pops of airtime. Near the end there’s two good hills and an awesome heartline roll which is what puts this above Twisted Colossus.


#8 Joker

Joker is where the RMC’s start impressing me! This coaster has so much airtime, some of the best inversions, and by far the best prelift! In the rain, this thing hauls!


#7 Goliath

Many claim this to be worst RMC, but I thought this ride, while short, packed quite the punch. One of the best drops I’ve ever experienced. There’s airtime in places there shouldn’t be airtime! The zero g stall feels like it lasts forever! This coaster definitely exceeded expectations.


#6 Railblazer

Railblazer is what a K’nex coaster would be in real life! It’s absolutely insane! It’s crazy fast and the elements come one after another. It’s got by far the strongest airtime on the West Coast!


#5 Steel Vengeance

While many consider this to be not only the best RMC, but the best coaster in the world, I have to completely disagree. It’s definitely mid-tier in terms of its layout. It’s tall. Yes. It’s fast. Yes. And it’s long. Yes, but stats alone do not define a coaster. The drop is one of the weaker RMC drops. It’s too long for such a short train. The top hat is pretty cool and the giant outward bank is as well. The first inversion is the only amazing inversion on the ride. It’s similar to V2’s at SFDK, but you end it with airtime. The stall is lackluster and the rest of the ride is just repetitive. Airtime with very little laterals and absolutely no hangtime on the rolls. There’s a couple noteworthy moments at the very end. The one section with laterals coming out of the final inversion and then the third hill on the airtime finale for having the ride’s strongest airtime! Overall, the layout is pretty good for the pre-existing woodie they had to work with, but it doesn’t provide the best RMC experience by any means.


#4 Outlaw Run

This coaster’s layout is similar to Steel Vengeance’s, but packs a much better punch in much shorter time. The drop is one of RMC’s best as you do a pre-drop first. The stall is awkwardly shaped providing one of the most unique sensations. The airtime is minimal, but the spots it does have are incredibly strong! The the first inversion on the double barrel roll is most like Vengeance’s where you fly through it, then the last one is more like Joker’s providing the best of both worlds!


#3 Storm Chaser

I’m gonna be a bit blunt here, but the first drop is awful just like Medusa’s. Other than that, everything is else is amazing! The airtime is strong, but definitely not thigh crushing strong.The finale is interesting because it feels like TC’s pre-lift before they slowed booster tires down.


#2 Wicked Cyclone

While every other RMC hybrid conversion had a decent amount of structure to work with, Wicked Cyclone had virtually none. The layout is so twisted and creative because of it! The first drop is for sure the worst part of the ride, which is saying a lot because it’s still a pretty good drop. The first overbank feels like Millennium Force’s first overbank. I actually grayed out. The only RMC to make me do so. The 200° stall is such a quirky element. From off ride, it appears to fly through it, but on ride it feels like Full Throttle’s loop. The coaster goes through many random/surprising airtime moments and tight twists. The first zero g roll is so long that you get hangtime while flying crazy fast! Then comes the best part of the ride…it starts a banked turn to the right then all of the sudden banks left over airtime hill while you’re still turning right, banks back to the right, then back again to left. This all happens in a matter of 2-3 seconds! Another perfect zero g roll! Then you finish this masterpiece with airtime while going around turnaround! This coaster is near perfect…but what could top something like this?


#1 Lightning Rod

While Wicked Cyclone had some of the best laterals and inversions, this is specifically airtime. May I even suggest that it’s possibly the strongest consistent airtime on any coaster in the world? This ride keeps you out of your seat more than in it while destroying your thighs! It’s the strongest airtime I’ve experienced and it’s on EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT OF THE RIDE! The top of the launch, the bump into the drop, the entire wave turn, the outward overbank, the off axis hill, the quadruple down, the speed bump over the launch track, and the non-inverting half loop! There’s no other RMC that compares to this sensation! The entire wave turn is thigh crushing ejector! I still can’t believe that! The quad down is literally just one long airtime moment. You don’t even hit your seat before hit the next dip! Absolutely insane! It also has some top notch queue theming as the cherry on top!


So there it is! My official rankings of the RMCs I’ve ridden!

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