Jurassic World, Nintendo World, & Secret Life of Pets Construction Update 1/17/19


Starting off with Jurassic World! The huge show building where the 2nd lift and drop is completely covered with scaffolding.


The first section of the ride is now completely enclosed!


Quite a bit of construction going on near the first lift.


There’s some interesting things to see down at the lower lot!


First, is how massive the show build is with all the scaffolding on it!


I was surprised to see water in the splashdown. I’m guessing they recently cycled the ride.


And I’m pretty sure my hunch is right as there’s a boat right after the splashdown.


The boats are now grey. They were bright yellow before.


Looks like they’re gonna paint the tunnel the drop comes out of a nice shade of blue.


Back on the upper lot, we had a new building by Despicable Me and Walking Dead. This is rumored to be a Secret Life of Pets ride/attraction.


Off to my most anticipated attraction…Nintendo World!


A lot more work is done on this project than West Coast Racers at SFMM…and this probably won’t open till 2021!


The overflow for Transformers seems to be gone (not that it was necessary). There’s definitely quite a bit of work going on!


There is a massive crane now on the site which construction speed should pick up!


The area is not quite as big as I thought it would be, but hopefully the finished product will seem bigger than this.

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