Universal Studios Japan Trip Report 10/2/18


This report is long overdue, but I finally had the time to edit everything a put it together!


The Japan park has an outstanding entrance! Much bigger and grander than Hollywood’s!


First up, was Hollywood Dream: Backdrop as it only runs one train and isn’t available with our Express passes.


The backwards side had stronger airtime than Fury 325 in row 4! It’s amazing and so unexpected!


After Hollywood Dream, we headed towards the back of the park. Did Spiderman real quick with single rider. Not sure why everyone hypes that ride up so much. It’s fun, but nothing spectacular. Instead of Super Silly Funland, they have Minion Park which is way nicer to be honest. As much as I dislike Minions, the area is really well done.


We had Express Passes while at the park. We could get 5 or 7 attractions with them. When purchased, they give you a Disneyland Fastpass style return time. Our first one happened to be Despicable Me. This ride is really unique as it’s built over the Back to the Future ride system. In the US, these became the Simpsons Ride. Despicable Me in the US parks were manufacturered by Setpoint, who also built Pteranodon Flyers at Islands of Adventure. This is the only Despicable Me reusing an existing ride system. It’s the same film with about 5-10 seconds more film than the US ones. The preshows are the same, but condensed to fit in the tight spaces the Back to the Future/Simpsons building has.


Next we did Backdraft…but it wasn’t Backdraft…it was a HHN maze that was open during the day?! It’s a different country I guess, but in the US mazes are open only at night, especially outdoor ones. Their HHN is so much better though. There’s no separate admission. It’s all one admission like Six Flags.


Space Fantasy had a weird VR overlay themed to anime. It was poorly done to say the least. The film was basically the first gen of VR Six Flags rolled out which was The New Revolution. It’s legit so similar, it might as well be the same film. Also, Space Fantasy is a Mack Spinner, but the spinning was locked so only the forward sides were being loaded resulting in capacity being cut in half!


I love the smaller portions provided at parks in Japan. I don’t eat too much, so this was perfect sized!


More Hollywood Dream, but this time fowards! This is a top 3 steel coaster for me! The airtime is more floater on the forward train. It takes the best elements from every B&M hyper! It’s a bit short, but that doesn’t really matter, because what it does in that time is amazing! Did I mention it has music onride? You get to choose between 5 songs! I went with Jackson’s Bad! It fits the ride perfectly!


Credit Whore Time!


I thought this was a Vekoma at first as it has the same layout at Go Coaster and Road Runner at SFMM, but it’s actually a knock off.


Umm… I’ll just wait till my Express Pass is good…


So River Adventure it is! And look, no mag brakes!


Jungle Cruise with actual action! Jaws probably won’t last much longer here, but was fantastic!


Hollywood Dream front row? Yes, please!


Due to this park actually receiving crowds, they usually require a Fastpass style ticket to get into the Wizarding World. Not today though!


The Wizarding World is completely separated from the rest of the park, meaning you have to walk quite a ways away through the forest which adds to the theming!


The setting is perfect! No ugly hillside like Hollywood’s! Also is it just me, or is the castle a brighter color?


Nintendo World construction


Hollywood’s Forbidden Journey was my #1 all time favorite ride, but this was somehow miles better! The effects worked and looked better than Hollywood’s ever did!


Japanese Butterbeer!


Hippogriff is a Vekoma Roller Skater with the newer lapbars. The ride had a 50 min wait, but we had Express for it so we bypassed it!


Now it was finally time to ride Flying Dinosaur!


And holy crap this thing is so intense. It’s the only B&M I’ll actually call intense!


It was so good, I needed another ride so I waited through single rider!


For dinner, we headed back to the Wizarding World!


Some Halloween themed meal at the Three Broomsticks! It was really good!


And another ride on Forbidden of course!


Night rides on Dino? YES!!!


Then I finished out the night with Hollywood Dream!


Such a fantastic time at this park! I will try to come back here in 2020!

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