Jurassic World, Nintendo World, & Secret Life of Pets Construction Update 2/12/19


Starting the update from the Starway, you can see that walkway has been completely torn up by the ride’s entrance.


The walkway removal goes all the way down to where the drop is. Also the snack booth was torn down.


On the side of the show building is a T-Rex silhouette.


The old smoking area is now gone.


The metal piece on the drop has been repainted blue.


The new show building looks done from the outside! I can’t wait to see what will be inside!


The outside of the original show building is getting painted still. It’s such a massive building! The biggest show building I’ve ever seen!


I got a glimpse of the geyser section and it looks like it will remain outside, but there’s no visible work on it.


Now onto the Secret Life of Pets ride. For the sake of time, I’m just gonna dump all the photos with no commentary. There’s really nothing to explain in detail. What you see is what you get with this ride so far.


Like I said, its just bare skeleton of a building. Nothing too interesting.


Finally we have Super Nintendo Land! Lots of progress since the last update!


Footers are in! I do assume the wooden wall in the back is just a sound barrier as this is an active film studio just behind this area.


A more upclose view of the footers.


This is the overview of the construction site. It’s really not all that big as from what I’ve heard, it’s only gonna have the Donkey Kong Country ride. I would assume the land will be themed to Mario though as it’s Nintendo’s most iconic franchise.


There’s a small staging area for construction vehicles by the Jurassic World queue. Most of this equipment is probably for Nintendo Land, but it might include some stuff for Jurassic World. Also this where much of the dirt that is being dug up is stored.

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