Six Flags New Flash Pass System


Q-Bots are a thing of the past! The outdated Q-Bots are about to be replaced by this brand new watch called the Prism from Accesso!IMG_20190307_173213639

They are similar in style to the watches the Six Flags water parks have been using, but much more advanced! With four built in touch pads, there’s no need for a kiosk. You can choose your next ride with ease from anywhere in the park! In fact, because its attached to you like a watch, it can ride with you meaning you can reserve a ride while on a ride! I actually tried it out for myself on Batman today!


The watches are adjustable and feel very comfortable while walking around and riding coasters. Never once did it feel like it would fall off. The only downside is that they don’t have extended length models yet as some people’s arms are too big for the watch. Hopefully soon we’ll have bigger ones.

Flash Pass 02Flash Pass 01

Here are the official instructions on how to use them. They can be confusing at first as it’s not a typical touch screen like we’re use to. It will become much simpler with about an hour or so of use.

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