West Coast Racers Construction Update 4/11/19


Starting this update from over by Superman, we can see that the Cyclone 500 (the park’s go-kart track) is being torn up in preparation for the foundations. The track isn’t being removed, just torn up a bit so construction is easier.


Lots of rebar on the ground with a couple of curing footers. Once they are fully cured, supports will be added.


I have a hunch that West Coast Racers will have an elevator storage track similar RMC Goliath, Lightning Rod, and Sierra Sidewinder. This footer might prove it as it’s near where the station is.


There’s really not too many footers yet. Just the brake runs so far and maybe part of the first/third launch section.


Over by the old midway games are these casings for the footers when they first put into the ground. This helps the wet concrete keep their shape till they’re dry. These ones look a bit thicker than the current footers in place. This probably for the high five element.


Footers are being dug out by the river. These seem tricky to put in. The river is concrete and facing downward at about 45°.


Apocalypse is sporting some new track!


This whole 270° is completely retracked!


Here’s some ground view photos of the site.


The construction walls are now painted a dark blue.


Not too much work on the buildings yet, but hopefully we’ll see some progress on them soon!


Over by Scream, we can see some of the cars for West Coast Racers in the maintenance area. I really question the park’s choice of leaving unused trains out in the open. Even though they are covered in tarp, they should probably be put inside a maintenance building as they won’t be needed for quite awhile.


Just beyond the parking lot, we have a lot more supports on site!


Finally we have some track on site! Mostly pieces of white side track with one (maybe two) yellow side piece(s). It’s two tube track so its a safe bet to say its the brake run and/or station.

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