Journey to Atlantis & Tidal Twister Construction Update 4/22/19


Starting the update from outside the park on the road, we can see that both towers are now painted the same color as Electric Eel!


The whole Atlantis area is blocked off and is getting refurbished!


Here’s a view of the first drop and the towers with their new paint job!


The mural on one of the walls looks amazing!


This view will be amazing once the walls are down!


There was a small section where there was no wall so I was able to peak behind it from ground level.


From Eel’s exit, you can a giant work box containing supplies. The inside walls of the queue haven’t been painted yet, and might not get painted.


From the Sky Tower, you can see the all new track for Atlantis!


From up here, you can see the sections that still need to be replaced. Track at the bottom of the second drop is already in!


It was extremely hard to get these shots, but here are the new boat colors! There are two boats currently on the storage track. The more visible one is wrapped hiding the colors. The other one isn’t as visible, but I was able to see it in person from Electric Eel. It’s green with a light blue strip in the middle. The inside of the boat is light blue with black padding.


From the parking lot, I was able to get a decent view of the supports leading to the mid course.


Finally, we has this block section that goes at the top of the tower after the elevator lift! This should probably be installed in the next few days!


As for Tidal Twister…its pretty much done! Just the theming needs to be added.


The track work looks a lot smoother than Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster. This is looking very promising!


Wheel assembly is completely different from Harley’s. Harley uses one road wheel, one guide wheel, and one up-stop per one side of the rail on one bogie. This uses two roads, two guides, and one up-stop. It also uses urethane wheels instead of steel. This should create a smoother, quieter ride.


If you were unaware, this ride uses RMC track. The ride is designed by Skyline, but they have a partnership with RMC to create a slightly larger Raptor track for their flat rides. Also, a fun thing to point out…this clearly is using left over RMC Gwazi paint.


Here’s the best view I can get of the station on the right side. They might add shade covers, but other than that, it looks almost done (minus air gates).


I have a better view of the left side station. I hear that the seats have a mechanism that will tilt them like 35°-45° so that they aren’t banked when they load/unload. I cannot confirm it, but I also cannot disprove it either. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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