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I’m a coaster enthusiast from So Cal who is always planning my trips to theme parks around the world! I am a photographer, blogger, and Youtuber. I’ve operated many different coasters and flat rides, so most of point of views are from an operators prospective.

Contact me at maverickmuir@gmail.com


I am a coaster enthusiast from Illinois who loves to travel and ride roller coasters from all over.  I also love to design roller coasters using No Limits 2 and have a Youtube channel (Sentinel Parks and Attractions) dedicated to just that.  I joined the Great American Coasters team as a writer in October of 2018 and will start blogging on the site regularly and start to film vlogs at theme parks around the same time.  My home park is Six Flags Great America although I work at Cedar Point every summer (Iron Dragon, Corkscrew, Rougarou in ’17, Valravn in ’18.)


Contact me at ryanflamm20@gmail.com20375922_1352888411492936_5653175074349692728_n


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