Kings Island Trip Report 6/19/18

After a four hour bus ride from Cedar Point, I finally made it to Kings Island! It's been three long years since the last time I was here. In that time, they've received a highly themed wooden coaster from GCI! First up was the new GCI woodie, Mystic Timbers! It was a walk on which … Continue reading Kings Island Trip Report 6/19/18

Brew & BBQ at Cedar Point Review

After work yesterday, we decided to check out the park's current festival going on! Brew & BBQ is exactly what it sounds like! Get drunk and eat BBQ. Because I'm not 21, I won't be reviewing any alcoholic items. I let my girlfriend who is 21 have the alcohol. So this will be a review … Continue reading Brew & BBQ at Cedar Point Review

New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Today we got to experience some new stuff at Six Flags Magic Mountain! We have three things that will make your next visit to the park even better! 3. Jet Stream Refurbishment First off, Jet Stream reopened this weekend with completely repainted and refurbished boats! The ride itself has gone over a major overhaul including … Continue reading New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

On the first element of Hangtime, there are wires in place for the lighting package that will be attached to the track. On the cobra roll, construction workers were busy getting the lights mounted on the track. From the Sky Cabin queue, you can get a view of Hangtime queue and it's shade structure. Here's … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

Over the weekend, I got a chance to attend the offseason tour at California's Great America! Big thanks to ACE and CGA for putting on a great event! On this tour, we got a special look at the new for 2018 coaster at the park, Railblazer! Last time we checked out Railblazer, the track wasn't … Continue reading Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

My apologizes for not getting a Hangtime update till now. I haven't had time to go to the park since October due to my work schedule. So this was actually my first time seeing the ride vertical! Starting from Ghost Town, over by Silver Bullet, you can get a great view of the first ride … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 1/17/18

We arrived at Universal Studios a little after 10. We were a little late because we decided to take the subway instead of paying $25 to park at Citywalk. Construction walls are down at the new store on the main midway. Love tiled artwork being done of the side of the building! Continuing down the … Continue reading Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 1/17/18