Frightdome Trip Report 10/22/16

On the 22nd of October, we attended Frightdome in Las Vegas! This is one of the best haunts in the country! We got front of the line as the lines at Frightdome are massive and you get an exclusive 6th maze! When we got into the park, we first did EL Loco which was outstanding … Continue reading Frightdome Trip Report 10/22/16

Fright Dome Trip Report 10/24/15

When I first got to the Fright Dome entrance, you could see how big this event was gonna be! You enter on the opposite side of the usual Adventuredome main gate. The entrance is in the parking lot. First you enter this tent where police officers check you with the metal detector wands. After that … Continue reading Fright Dome Trip Report 10/24/15